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Tuhi yeh mujhko bata de Sun raha hai na tu Tum hi ho Apni to dil ka bata de Sun raha hai na tu Har khata ki hoti hai koi na koi sazaa Ghum likhe ho kismat main Toh ban jaati hai wajah. Aditya gives Rahul's angst a certain charm. See, Aditya and Shraddha may have had unsuccessful films before.

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After two months of futilely attempting to contact Rahul, a broken Aarohi is forced to sing in bars again because of her family problems. Written by Manisha Krishna.

Badrinath Bansal from Jhansi and Vaidehi Trivedi from Kota belong to small towns but have diametrically opposite opinions on everything. You already know Meri aashique Chahun mein ya na You are now rocking with the best Teri khata hai meri jiya.

Rahul apologises to Aarohi and fires Vivek, and they meet with Saigal for the recording agreement. Best Bollywood Romance Movies. During Aarohi's stage show, Rahul meets a journalist backstage, who accuses him of using Aarohi for pleasure and money. However, the actors who came to audition were not promising enough for the roles, and the idea was scrapped.

Rahul understands that he has become a burden in her life, and that leaving her is his only option to save her. This story explores love - the shapes it takes, the ways it changes us and the exhilarating and often terrifying ride it takes us on. It is the journey of two characters, Alizeh and Ayan, as they navigate life, love and heartbreak. Now, as Nikhil has one week to prove himself worth enough to marry Meeta's sister Karishma, the old acquaintances become quite close to each other.

We discovered that people lacked the courage to audition. The next day, he bids her farewell by assuring her that he will change his lifestyle and commits suicide by jumping from a bridge. He ends up in jail, and Aarohi comes to bail him out. But that never took away from their talent. After Saigal reminds them about their dream of Aarohi becoming a successful singer, Rahul orders her to focus on her work.

Impressed by her simplicity and voice, Rahul promises to transform her into a singing sensation and asks her to never perform again in bars. My writer Shagufta Rafique and I saw them as the protagonists. While fighting for the political supremacy of their respective families, a Hindu man and a Muslim woman share a forbidden romance. Furious, Rahul beats up the journalist and starts drinking. Theatrical release poster.

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Kyun ki tum hi ho Ab tum hi ho Zindagi ab tum hi ho Chain bhi, mera dard bhi Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho. Pyar, Mohabbat, Aashiqui lafzon ke siwa aur kuch nahin, net 2008 software par jab woh mili iyn lafzon ko mayne milgaey. Principal photography for the film began in October with film's lead cast.

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To help Rahul fight his alcoholism, Aarohi attempts to rehabilitate Rahul, sacrificing her singing career in doing so. Aditya Roy Kapur Shraddha Kapoor.

Distraught by Rahul's death, Aarohi decides to leave her career but Vivek persuades her to stay. After noticing Aarohi looking at a photograph of Lata Mangeshkar in the bar, he assumes that she wants to become a singer. Tum hi ho, tum hi ho Zindagi ab tum hi ho Chain bhi, mera dard bhi Meri aashique ab tum hi ho. He reminds her that Rahul wanted her to become a successful singer and killed himself as he did not want to be a burden on her and remain an obstacle in the path of her success.

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When Aarohi calls Rahul, he is attacked and injured by some thugs, and is unable to receive her call. All three actors have extremely challenging dramatic roles. Despite Aarohi's mother's disapproval, Aarohi moves in with Rahul and things go well until Rahul's addiction worsens, causing him to become aggressive and violent. Theresa's College and the events that shaped their lives.

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Both Aditya and Shraddha carried their roles brilliantly. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows.

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Impressed by her singing, he promises her to take her to Mumbai and make her a star, where they fall in love with each other. Raju Singh Devansh Bhatnagar. When his lover becomes the latest victim of a serial killer, Guru blurs the line between good and evil in his pursuit of revenge.

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Aarohi, who loves Rahul more than her career comforts him and they end up making love. Adi and Tara move to Mumbai to pursue their dreams. Furthermore, the chemistry between Aditya and Shraddha is incredible.

The film also received some mixed reactions from critics. It later inspired the Telugu -language film Nee Jathaga Nenundali. Watch Now With Prime Video. Your email address will not be published.

Aashiqui 2 Full Movie In Tamil

Several alumni reminisce about their final year at St. International Business Times. Rahul fights him, stops his performance, and drives to a local bar.

The fourth week collections were the third highest of all time. Will ambition prevail over matters of the heart? But he then decides to turn a small time singer into a rising star. Rahul loses his fans and fame due to alcoholism. Edit Storyline Rahul is a singer, who loses his career due to his drinking habits.

Kyunki tum hi ho Ab tum hi ho Zindagi ab tum hi ho Chain bhi, mera dard bhi Meri aashique ab tum hi ho. When Aarohi attempts to contact Rahul again, Vivek ignores the calls. India portal Film portal Bollywood portal.