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New Year Email Backgrounds. Let this frosty fella wish your friends and family a merry Christmas on this year's Christmas letter. Wedding Email Backgrounds. No matter how busy you get from attending so many parties and events during the holiday season, you should not neglect your social message pages.

Christmas Greeting Card Templates Ready-Made

Christmas is upon us at last! Holiday cheer is meant to be shared. You may choose between three red background variations as well as change the Christmas message in each bookmark. The brightly colored snowflakes definitely support the message on this Christmas letter template. Your Christmas wishes are a gift all their own.

Many would prefer to spend their money of the food and drinks not on postage and paper. Choose this template if you want an easy-to-edit Microsoft Word file. Flowers Email Backgrounds. This formal letter template allows them to glam up the company letterhead to match the holidays.

Father's Day Email Backgrounds. Anniversary Email Backgrounds. Try using this as a sweet santa letter template. Bonus points if you coordinate your pen color to match one of the reindeer. Let these leaping reindeer inspire you to leap into Christmas letter writing action!

The Christmas and Happy New Year Gift Certificate Template embedded above is another example of a free printable gift certificate template. And in gift-giving, this is a good thing because we all want what is best and the most unique for our friends and family. Simply change the margins on your text document before you print! With plenty of blank space, this template is the perfect choice for those who like to send longer letters around the holidays.

Patrick's Day Email Backgrounds. They are easy to create and fast to produce. Send a letter with festive flair this year. Whatever the reason you should take a look at some of the great email backgrounds that we have to offer. Planning a Christmas party?

In addition to being a jolly Christmas letter template, St. Get Well Email Backgrounds. And to do that, you have got to make the whole process of asking Santa for gifts more genuine, right? Let him and his adorable sweater!

This cute Christmas letter template is a great way to let family and friends know how merry your Christmas has been. So, hurry and start hyping up everybody else for your office party! Oh what joy it is to share holiday cheer! Even with five photos of your year, you have plenty of space to share the season's sentiments with your loved ones with this Christmas card template. This free printable template will perhaps convince them that Santa Claus is really investigating whether they have been naughty or nice the whole year.

Looks like Rudolph is leading the pack! Use this free voucher template if you want a creative take on gift vouchers for Christmas. An excellent example of this is the Christmas Sale Email Newsletter shown above. Perfect for hand-written or printed holiday well-wishes.

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You may also see Christmas decoration templates. Flyers tend to get handled from person to person in order to help spread the news it contains. Our free Christmas card templates feature colorful borders, pretty frames, and plenty of space to type up your annual Christmas letter. So for this holiday season, stop worrying about the perfect holiday gifts to give your family and friends. It is a wonderful way to send informal letters and invitations quickly and for free.

We love the sweet greeting on this adorable letter template! It includes vintage floral patterns that will appeal to crafters and artists. Miss You Email Backgrounds.

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Thank You Email Backgrounds. Nothing says holiday cheer like holiday lights, and we are loving them on this fun Christmas letter template.

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Will your Christmas letter tell the same tale? Valentine's Day Email Backgrounds.

Of all social networking sites, Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular. Fall Autumn Email Backgrounds. The Christmas Gift Certificate Template shown above is a good example.

Birthday Email Backgrounds. This Christmas letter template gives you plenty of space to let your loved ones know. Gift-giving during Christmas Menu does not require you to give away expensive and branded items.

Some gingerbread folks are having a merrier Christmas than others. Get this free stationery mockup template bundle now and all your Christmas stationery needs will be taken care of. Browse our site by selecting the category on your right, there are just so many email backgrounds to choose from you will be able to find the email stationery that suits your needs.

We love the non-traditional look of these adorable trees! Going the printable template route is perhaps the best decision that you or anyone person or business entity can make when it comes to gift-giving or party planning. In a world that is slowly becoming smaller due to technological innovations, having an email list and the use of email newsletters is surely a sustainable marketing strategy. To do that, net for android use the Christmas Holiday Social Media Cover Page template shown above to transform your social media profile pages. Start this year's Christmas letter off with a photo of your family's smiling faces that will surely put your loved ones in a joyful mood.

Mother's Day Email Backgrounds. We love them paired with a sweet holiday greeting. This means that you will get two gift voucher cards out of one standard letter-sized paper.

In this template, you may still add a collage of your family photos, but they are organized to resemble a photo frame. Want to invite friends and family over for the holidays? Snow, the cold breeze, shorter days, and longer nights. Print this template on cardstock and cut and glue your favorite family photo!

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Printable bookmark templates like the Blank Christmas Bookmark Template embedded above can be used to create a matching reading accessory, especially if you are gifting a book. Christmas Templates Holiday Checklist. An efficient solution to this issue is, of course, the use of pre-made Christmas letter templates that you can readily customize or even print out right away. Or, you may type up your letter and print it out along with the pre-formatted template.