Accommodating workers with

Accommodating workers with

Padding or wider straps in these key areas distribute forces over broader areas, lessening post-fall suspension effects. Allowing brakes to be taken by the employee as needed. It could be that you end up in a spot where the medical professional has given the best answers that they can. While compliance and user right-to-work are important issues to maintain, employers should consider worker health in the event of a fall.

Allowing breaks to be taken frequently. Providing sensitivity training to supervisors and coworkers. Written job instruction provision.

Developing a procedure in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the accommodation. Allowing work hours to be flexible. While off-the-shelf solutions may not always be readily available, some manufacturers are willing to customize fall protection products to ensure a better fit for higher-capacity users.

Allowing work to be done from home. Suspended workers also can continue lower body movement while suspended, helping blood flow to continue and decreasing blood pooling potential. Users should note that product capacity is more than just user weight, because it includes all clothing and equipment attached to the worker. For one, said Wasyliw, there is no legal distinction between chronic pain caused by a pre-existing condition and chronic pain brought on by something work related.

Employees are encouraged to move non

Employees are encouraged to move non work related conversations out of the work place. But ultimately it can go all the way down the chain to the employer seeking another medical opinion. Allowing telephone calls to be made during work hours to doctors and other support groups. Tailoring the full-body harness to fit more comfortably in the torso and sub-pelvic areas will increase the likelihood of the harness being worn properly, helping to minimize potential fall injury. Suspension trauma, which is caused by the body's slowing of blood flow, may take effect at faster rates, making the time necessary to rescue someone more critical as each minute passes.

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