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Fatty acid composition is similar to that of olive oil. Used primarily in skin care products and as a substitute for cocoa butter in confections and cosmetics. Below is a categorized list of the many products we carry.

Mafura butter, extracted as part of the same process when extracting the oil, is not edible, and is used in soap and candle making, as a body ointment, as fuel, and medicinally. The botanical name of the plant is Guizotia abyssinica. Coriander seed oil, from coriander seeds, used in a wide variety of flavoring applications, including gin and seasoning blends. Used in the Philippines as an edible oil, as well as for a lamp oil. Used in Brazil as a highly prized cooking oil.

Nutmeg butter has a large amount of trimyristin.

Also suitable for biofuel. Used as an edible oil with a light, nutty flavor. Used medicinally in Nepal.

Used as an edible oil in Ethiopia. Body pillows, maternity pillows, pregnancy pillows, mattress covers, silk eye pillows and more. Extremely stable edible oil. Dark, reddish-brown color, similar in taste to olive oil.

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Also used in making soaps, hair oils and a variety of other products. For custom sizes, simply request a quote for a custom mat and one of our friendly sales representatives will email you a written quote.

Eco yoga mats, eco-friendly meditation cushions, recycled rubber door mats and other green products. If you would like to speak with them directly you can always call and they will be happy to help in any way needed. Composed predominantly of oleic and linoleic acids.