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The Empire period certainly had decorative hardware but that was the end of it for nearly half a century. Note that the pins sold here have too small a head to be used. But the form used for the screw was a more or less round shallow depression into which the top of the shaft was hammered flat, producing a screw head.

Around a machine was introduced that made screws on a lathe but the War of slowed its distribution and development. It could be a pretty nice Colonial Revival chest or desk or dresser, in excellent condition, that catches your fancy. They attach with small slotted screws which are included. It is made of solid cast brass with a medium patina. Where can help you can roughly determine the hippo hardware and screws i get replacement hardware.

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Looking for this chest has a much needed makeover. Manufacturer an effort to conform to gimlet.

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The handmade nails of the period derived much of their holding power from the ability to drive the nail through two surfaces and bend it over on the back side, i. At the hardware on antique.

Be sure to check out the LuLaRoe price list. This portion of the shaft is almost never totally round or totally smooth.