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Something might just click. He uses it, and the painting comes to life. What does the character have going on besides superpowers? With other publishers, I think the odds of getting sued are considerably lower unless you stumbled upon a really distinctive name that is already taken, like Savage Dragon or Hellboy.

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They are all in their late teens at the start. Also, it does suggest that this group has an ultimate authority. Hes southern and is funny and warm but can also be arrogant, stubborn and cocky, etc.

When he does talk, though, people listen. Im changing the island into uninhabited so he goes insane by his time in solitaire. So I have an antihero speedster in my short story, and I was wondering if anyone could help me pick a name.

Tempest has a more wild and angry vibe than, say, Gale or perhaps Storm would. Names like this strike me as a red flag that the character is not very interesting.

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She is the daughter of software billionaires. His name is Samuel Corver. Also do you like the character.

If I could use the First Class movie as an example, I think it was something like halfway through the movie before the code-names were first introduced. She also has any power that she can think of.

Indian spectators are passionate people who admire love and romance more in movies. His name is Raymond Walker, His origin is he was a stuntman for big action movies but never got any credit, stylesheet css so he decided to become a daredevil to gain publicity.

Also liked the blue skull idea, which would work well for his group. Costume is half white, half red.

Although he started as a bounty hunter, he later became a vigilantie after his father was admitted into psychiatric care. Oh forget about the rockstar personality.

What About Blue with White? Shifter, or simply Stretch?

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The two names I have in mind are Blur and Jet, but if you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Now, I need a name for the guy. He is feirce, protective, reckless, paranoid, loyal, and a vegan. Also elaborate more on how these characters came to these circumstances. There are also a bevy of characters named after mythological or literary references e.

After saving he decides that he will protect more people and becomes a crime fighter. That would probably give journalists enough room to come up with something thematic.

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Well, does she have a goal? So I need a good name for this anti-hero. Not sure how I feel, though. The more a magic user knows about an object or spefic spell, the easier it becomes to manipulate the object or produce the spell.

First, I definitely agree that potential legal issues with character names will not scare away prospective publishers, because names can be changed relatively easily. Personally, I like Shift as it is but I would like your opinion as well.

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