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Backdating national insurance contributions, check your record for gaps

The incentive is to help you qualify or improve your entitlement to the basic state pension, but as the price of contributions isn't the only thing changing, this can seem complicated. If you have reached state pension age, and are not entitled to a full basic state pension, you are still allowed to buy back years as far back as but not for the year of your retirement. You can only buy up to six missing years. The government may give you credits so you can continue building up State Pension entitlement.

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These letters are generally sent out between September and January each year. The problem came to light when Cash took the department to task after readers told us they were having problems. He has variously been told that added years could not be bought, could be bought, the rates had not been set and that he should speak to the other government department. It will tell you how much, if anything, your shortfall is, whether you are able to make up that shortfall, and how you can pay if you wish to do so.

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Getting credits towards your State Pension Your National Insurance record There could be gaps in your National Insurance contributions record for various reasons. State Pension Statement You can check whether you're likely to have a gap in your National Insurance contributions record by requesting a State Pension statement from the Future Pension Centre.

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Check your record for gaps

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Eligibility You must be eligible to pay voluntary National Insurance contributions for the time that the contributions cover. Future Pension Centre If you live or have lived abroad If you've lived abroad you can ask about any shortfall in your National Insurance record. Find out who can get National Insurance credits, watchdog online dating and whether you need to take action.

Voluntary National Insurance

If you consult a financial adviser, they might charge you for their advice. In fact, this was possible for certain years. Where both spouses have a full contribution record, both receive the full pension. If you're unsure, the Citizens Advice Bureau or other free advice organisations may be able to help you. Women are not permitted to buy back missing years for the years they elected to pay the reduced rate married woman's stamp.

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You should consider carefully whether you need to top up at all. Cornish, a management consultant, has been trying to help his wife buy added years since the start of December. Their office is in England. At the same time, you will need to bear in mind the number of qualifying years required to be eligible for certain bereavement benefits. The letter isn't a demand - but it will tell you how much you can pay if you want to fill the gaps and how you can pay if you opt to do so.

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