Bharti kumar and kunal jaisingh dating

Bharti kumar and kunal jaisingh dating

The couple exchanged rings after dating for about five years - Photogallery

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Kunal has been in a relationship for a long time now and is keen on making things official. This year has been the year of romance and weddings. Rumour has it that they will be tying the knot pretty soon.

He also makes the actress wear a ring. The actors who met on the sets of The Buddy Project are secretly dating and will tie the knot really soon. But fans are curious to find out what's going in his life. The awesome twosome The two of them compliment each other in a lot of ways and are seen brimming with joy when they are together. Hina - Rocky set the tongues wagging but in a good way Hina boasts of the huge number of followers and with good reason.

Love is in the air Hina, too, had been very expressive while talking about the object of her affection. They have been together for several years and hence, ready to take the plunge. Actor Kunal Jaisingh says be it his professional or personal life, his parents still take the final decision. You check out his Instagram if you don't believe us.

Rocky was the supervising producer while Hina played the main lead, Akshara, back then. Check out some of these pictures of Kunal from his Instagram though, just for some Monday motivation.

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Hina and Rocky pose for the lens The two of them speak openly about how they feel for each other and from the looks of it, they might make their bond official very soon. According to reports, the actor is all set to tie the knot next year. Reportedly, the two are getting pretty serious about each other and the families have also approved of their relationship. Bharti and Kunal had met on the sets of the The Buddy Project. As per reports in a leading entertainment portal, Kunal Jaisingh and Bharti Singh have taken their relationship to the next level.

Considering how discreet Kunal is about his personal life, he has even refrained from posting any pictures with the actress on social media. They look happy in each other's company Ever since they started seeing each other their Instagram was flooded with their lovey-dovey pictures which kept the fans hooked. Reportedly, they have met their respective families and sought their blessings for the union. Well, we can't wait for Kunal to make an announcement though.

In fact, Bharti's Instagram account is private. There are hardly any pictures of the two together.