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The bishop kept Juan Diego's mantle first in his private chapel and then in the church on public display where it attracted great attention. The tilma has never been varnished. She assured him that Juan Bernardino had now recovered and she told him to gather flowers from the top of Tepeyac Hill, which was normally barren, especially in the cold of December. Of these, the findings of at least three have been published.

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It passes through the left wrist of the Virgin. This crown is stored within the chancery and is not publicly worn by the image enshrined at the altar. It has been attributed since the late s to Antonio Valeriano ca.

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Note the similarity of the aureola and cherub underneath the Virgin. Note the discoloration on the top part of the head, where a crown is claimed to have been present at some point, now obscured by an enlarged frame for unknown reasons. He took numerous infrared photographs of the front of the tilma.

It was probably composed by a native Aztec man, called Antonio Valeriano, who had been educated by Franciscans. This document, written in Nahuatl, but in Latin script, tells the story of the apparitions and the supernatural origin of the image. Callahan could not explain the excellent state of preservation of the un-retouched areas of the image on the tilma, particularly the upper two-thirds of the image. The subject stands on a crescent moon, allegedly color silver in the past and now have turned dark.

In addition, Mary was portrayed in European art as crushing the serpent of the Garden of Eden. Oil on canvas by Isidro Escamilla. He concluded that Juan Diego had not existed.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe

This may have been motivated by the fact that the gold paint was flaking off of the crown, leaving it looking dilapidated. The recovered Virgin then miraculously helped to expel the Moors from Spain, and her small shrine evolved into the great Guadalupe monastery.

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Juan followed her instructions and he found Castilian roses, not native to Mexico, blooming there. Most authorities agree on the dating and on Valeriano's authorship. The present image shows the nitric acid spill on the top right side, unaffecting the subject matter's aureola. The record of the ecclesiastical inquiry omitted him, sagrado kaiosama yahoo dating and he was not mentioned in documentation before the midth century.

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