Boys songs tamil dating site

Boys songs tamil dating site

He conveys his feelings to her while on a day-out in a resort, but she rejects him. Munna's friends walk out of their homes too, in a show of solidarity for Munna and Harini. Munna agrees, realising that their career is more important than their love. One day, they meet Mangalam Vivek a depressed middle-age man, in a bar and help him home after he passes out.

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While celebrating their success, a drunk Krishna accidentally tells Harini about their earlier encounter with Rani. Although they first use him as a source to get alcohol, Mangalam enjoys their company and becomes a mentor of sorts for the boys. Your information is transmitted via encryption between you and payment system. In the process he falls under the wheels of the bus and dies.

Kumar spots her on a moving bus and tries to get on it. The gang's album soon releases and becomes a huge hit. This does not prove successful, so Mangalam encourages them to explore their natural musical talents. After they are released from prison, the teenagers show more resolve to succeed in their musical career.

On hearing the news, Munna and Harini are disowned by their parents. Eventually, Munna's and Harini's parents find out about their relationship and are furious, as they want them to focus on their studies.

As Rani is the only one who can prove that Munna did not have sex with her, the friends begin searching for her. Munna decides that his words were more than enough proof for Harini and accepts her decision. Mangalam helps the teenagers find a modest residence and they take up part-time jobs to support themselves, including their education. We never see your credit card or personal information.

Their obsession with sex is such that they even go as far as hiring a prostitute Rani Bhuvaneswari while Munna's parents are out of town, but all of them back out at the last moment. Harini and Munna eventually run away from their homes and elope at Tirumala. But he believes her, does it and gets arrested. As the two fight, they share a kiss and it is implied that they are back together. The group has a very successful live debut.

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She gets angry and starts hitting Munna. They dedicate their first live success in memory of Kumar. After that, if they are still in love, the parents will not stand in their way.

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