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The clasp on two of them turned out to be broken and the necklace he told me was silver turned out to be nothing but silver plate. No, really, it's that fast, if not faster. Those folks who latch onto you and don't know the meaning of personal space. Myself and my father have always got along quite well.

He really does look out for me and I love him. On a weekend off I went to get some presents for my family. Bardem's talent did not go unnoticed in the English-speaking world. So I'm a bit lost when it comes anything more serious. Even though I went back and got the broken items replaced I still feel ripped off and, above all else, wronged.

There have been fireworks

Four years ago I moved in with him after he and my mother divorced, but now I am in university and living by myself.

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It's served with chopped onion, fresh coriander and lemon to add brightness. There have been fireworks going off every day for the past few weeks here.

View photos After ordering, my waiter came over in about twelve seconds with carne en su jugo, refried beans, corn and a Mexican Coke. Most of the time I pushed the stuff back.

When I stopped the Jewish man behind the counter asked where I was from. Chilli con carne is my new favourite food. Any dates I have had so far have been fun, but quite informal. The brothy beef dish eats more like a stew, cooked in its own juices alongside pot beans, bacon and green chili. Unfortunately it's still not giving any electricity.

Share Normally, dining at a popular restaurant involves a long wait that makes you even hangrier than you already are, but not in Guadalajara. The star is located outside the El Capitan Theatre.

But the man was big and aggressive, so I wound up buying three necklaces. Actually, painting was his first love. He also comes from a political background, as his uncle Juan Antonio was imprisoned by Franco for his anti-fascist films.

Then to get treated like that by one of my own was just sickening. In a sense that we play what we are supposed to play and then we go back to our daily life which is way more interesting than any fiction. The refried beans with corn are also unmissable.

Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of people have trouble fitting. For example, I have a date next Friday.

It's served with chopped onion fresh