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Averted however, as Ivy is only pretending to love Robin to drive him and Batman apart and kill them with her Kiss of Death. Okay, well, maybe there are more photos of single people with their pooches, but really, that's about it.

When he finally catches her, they briefly fight and she leaves him tied up and dangling upside down from a fire escape, kisses him goodnight and runs away. For a long time, Lois Lane was both Superman's primary love interest and one of his main antagonists. Making this trope happen is actually the entire reason Harlequin turned to crime.

It's still strong enough to redeem him with a Care-Bear Stare. It opens with the Demon Queen, Sheila, falling in love with the hero sent to vanquish her, Exa.

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When inept superheroine Empowered met Thugboy, the love of her life, extramarital affair dating website she was tied to a chair and he was part of the gang holding the hostage she was attempting to rescue for ransom. The rescue organization even created posters profiling each feline.

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Usually a member of New Directions starts dating one of their bullies or someone from a rival glee club. Due to the rule of Planet Voice that whoever sees bareskin of the royalty must either die or marry the royalty, Matsumoto and Sheena start dating, unaware of each other's secret identity. His successor as Atom, Ryan Choi was dating Giganta. Empowered then lets herself get captured by his gang several more times just to have an excuse to keep seeing him. Indeed, he just stops her attempted theft, but never arrest her.

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Why bother stealing when you're married to a multimillionaire? Storm of the X-Men is a notable case in that it's practically become a running gag and yes, it's been lampshaded that villains want her and sometimes Storm herself is interested back. Double Subversion in With This Ring. Then again, he did fall in love with her good personality, Rose. In fact Mello x Matt is the only popular ship in the Death Note fandom where both parties are completely on the same side and aren't trying to kill each other.

He didn't take this development well because when he first became a superhero Captain America expressly warned him to avoid this trope. Played straight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

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Over the course of the movie their mutual attraction slowly develops and they ultimately end up creating new identities and leaving Gotham together. Zorro and Lady Rawhide in Topps Zorro series. It turns out that the two are, in fact, Adam and Eve. Superboy s clone version dated New Goddess Knockout, under the impression she was a well-meaning thrillseeker, rather than a murderous sociopath.

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