Back To Front Celestion Date Codes

Celestion speaker dating code

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Use the stamp location colour codes to guide you. As rare as Pre Rola's are, these are amongst the rarest.

Year by year Celestion

These can be ignored for dating purposes. The font size is reduced from around mid onwards. Date stamps are printed on the leg of the chassis. From around onwards the date stamp, speaker model, and inspection number are joined together in one continuous line. When you see that, you know it's a newer one.

We can also consider the features of the other contenders. Date stamp is still on the front gasket but with a smaller font size. You will pick it up fairly quickly just with a bit of experience.

From onwards a two digit number is used instead. Same basic speaker, though. The truth is, a lot of date stamps do not correspond with those formats and this confuses a lot of people.

All very different looking speakers

This does seem to be a bit of a hotspot for them. Be careful of date stamps printed in reverse year then month. These heavier magnet, db vs. Occasionally they might be printed on the outer rim. Notice the large font size and white manilla paper gasket.

Back To Front Celestion Date Codes - Bygone Tones

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The T came out of an open back combo I was told, so I'd have to guess the T did, too. We know the speaker is from just by the general appearance of it. Although the stamp formats can be useful for verification, I do not recommend using them as the main basis for dating your speakers.

Keep in mind, these old speakers go for big bucks. In most cases the first letter represents the month, and the second letter represents the year. Date stamps are printed vertically on the frame, and leading zeros are usually omitted from the day of the month.

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Of the four I own, none has a label. From onwards a two digit inspection number is usually included.

The faint ink can sometimes make them difficult to read. All very different looking speakers. Let me know if there's any questions or if you have an update for me. Year by year Celestion made small changes to their speakers, so an easy way to verify the date code is just to look at the visible features of the speaker. So this is a really easy way to date your speakers.

Reissue issues in a visually descriptive, informative way. This info can't be confirmed, however.