Bangalore Airport Bus Timings

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Each routes make a one third from its starting point and overlaps with its next route. The complete list of stops is not available for each route, so multiple-leg bus journey plans are not optimised. It is easy to find bus going to most areas of the city at these major terminals. However, the only option is to travel in an auto.

So the regular routes are the only option. You can also go to Shivaji Nagar, Shanti nagar or Majestic bus terminus for more options. When the airport was inaugurated, most travelers complained about the distance and the infrastructure and said that Hyderabad airport was better in every count. The public address system is used to describe the sights they pass through and where they next stop. Regular Routes There are odd individual routes in this category.

The Silver Class tickets cost Rs. Just displaying the bus numbers is not going to help. This city while enjoying the reputation of being a modern, high-tech city, still offers a lot of places of historical interest for the avid sightseer to explore.

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This will give an idea to the passengers travelling regularly about the bus numbers, arrival and departure. For safety reasons, do not engage with the local touts who are always trying to fleece unsuspecting travelers landing in Bangalore. Today, these Volvo buses even ferry non airport travelers who either travel to their work place or home which has helped increase revenues for the department.

Ticket price depends on the number of stages to the destination. You can search by start and end points or by bus numbers. The Bangalore Walks have indeed become popular among the visiting public.

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