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Configuracion electronica del oxigeno yahoo dating

It is an honor for the festival counting with their contribution, and we expect to keep this custom of collaboration and openness in the future. Because it is a way of preserving a sample of who we have been and what we want to be. This is their main virtue. Basically, that it can serve as a social inclusion tool, preserve diversity and develop cultural industries.

Un Festival es el sitio de encuentro. Cinema and Audiovisual National Institute wishes everybody to enjoy once more the best Argentinean and foreign cinema. They had nothing, so they did everything.

Get ready, the city is offering itself, magical and dressed up, so that our feelings and emotions burst when the lights go off and the screens turn on. Mar del Plata will be again this November, like every year, the city of cinema. It is a model of management that we have to strengthen and plan towards the future, having in mind that we all have a part of responsibility to fulfil. These lines are a tribute for those who have the courage to make true that mysterious impulse that moves them to film and, complementary, my gratitude to the audience that make it possible. Today cinema does not represent only entertainment, show, literature versions, theatre.

El cine nos instala como protagonistas de dilemas morales que no son nuestros. For the Cultural Institute of Buenos Aires Province, being the venue of this Festival is an honor we treasure with great affection.

Mar del Plata will be again

We will be struck again by the enthusiasm of cinema students from the whole country trying to live the experience of the new tendencies and what the films from all over the world have to tell us. They write, direct and produce their films jointly, although until recently Joel received sole credit for directing and Ethan for producing. But we know only too well that, in spite of being necessary, it is not enough. Cinema is a cultural and vital representation of the country that produces it.

The institutional life dynamics in our country caused some interruptions, but the cinema and Mar del Plata will continue to be always two intertwining concepts. The effort of the National, Provincial and local government for keeping this Festival alive is important.

Things happened and she noticed that I liked her. Cinema puts us as the main characters of moral dilemmas that are not ours. But all of them being conscious that life would not be the same without a screen where to represent it. Trying to pick out the best of what we have seen. We started up a number of actions to make our territory become a film set, while we stimulated the opening of new exhibition centers.

We must defend it with determination. And, as always, my objective is for you to feel the anxiety of sharing what you have just seen with the first friend you come across with. This year, hundreds of cinema students from the whole country will take part of the Festival. That is what we have been doing.

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