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Consolidating pensions ombudsman, how we can help?

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Automatic enrolment has brought nearly ten million new people into pension saving, while pension freedoms have given people a wide range of new choices about what to do with their money. It will also be easier for you to manage if payments are from a single source. In fact, any accepting pension provider may insist you get prior independent financial advice.

The main funded public sector pension scheme is the Local Government scheme. It is important to acknowledge the pressure advisers are under when they give advice in this changing landscape. But making a hasty decision in response to a cold call is unlikely to end well. Below we have outlined all the ways you can use your pension pots when you decide to draw your pension benefits. This could include banning contingent charging, which is when a fee for advice is only paid when a transfer goes ahead.

Often their relationship with their financial adviser or the provider of their pension plan has broken down and they want us to step in to help. Did they understand what their customer was trying to achieve? We welcome legislation to ban cold calling but scammers are not going away. There could also be savings on buy-out and buy-ins, because simpler schemes are more attractive to insurers. We have maintained our general advice to presume that transfers are not in the best interest of consumers.

Financial Advice and transferring defined benefit pensions If you need help in deciding whether to combine pots or not, what do you do when your best friend is dating a jerk you may want to speak to an independent financial adviser. Gone are the days of fixed state pension ages or salary-related pensions about which members had to make few active choices.

Your pension scheme s may charge you for transferring your pots. This set out a number of changes. When you consider the number of complex and often subjective judgements that go into making a recommendation, that is an extraordinarily high figure. And were there any better ways they could have helped that customer get what they want from their retirement, rather than accessing their pension funds?

Advisers need to make sure they gather enough information from their client. Similarly, a ban on cold calling would help to constrain one favourite tactic of the scammers. As this is a complex area, we need to carry out further analysis of the issues drawing on our supervision work before deciding on next steps. The guaranteed annuity rate could be lost if you combine pots.

Defined benefit pension consolidation could cut bills

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Consolidated regulations

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There is a lack of confidence and understanding about pensions. The pensions landscape continues to change rapidly. However, the pensions sector needs to ensure people are making decisions with their eyes open, with the right guidance and information and are aware of the threats posed by scammers. With the impact of pension freedoms and the industry working on a dashboard, we expect there to be greater focus on member engagement. They also need to think about things like paying for care, possibly phasing retirement and perhaps using part of the value of their home to help fund their retirement.

How we can help?

Where these conflict, advisers should be able to show that these have been considered and prioritised appropriately. The next phase of work will involve collecting and analysing data from all regulated firms that hold the pension transfer permission. The pension freedoms give scope for people to think differently about how they use their retirement pot.

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With greater freedom comes greater complexity, and therefore greater risks for consumers and greater responsibility for professional advisers. Companies would have more resources available for research, investment, and business activity. While transfers will be suitable for some, there is a risk of considerable consumer detriment in this area. Advisers should ensure that they cover the advantages and disadvantages of existing schemes in a balanced way. We have continued our supervisory work in this area and we plan to report back on the latest stage of our work later this year.

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Overall, the economy would receive a boost. We published two sets of new rules aimed at improving the advice people receive when considering transferring.

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We have recently updated our rules on pension transfer advice to protect people saving for their retirement. Frequently, consumers will already have been tempted by six-figure sums and will only be going to an adviser as a means to unlocking that fund.

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This includes providing letters for trustees for members, alerting them to the risks of transferring and giving information. While people can have more control over their pension funds, financial advisers remain responsible for ensuring the advice they give is suitable. They may also be more vulnerable to ever-inventive pension scammers.

Even if the benefits are worth less than this, you may also want to take advice. It will also be easier for you to keep track of a single, larger annuity payment, rather than several smaller ones, each time you receive them. This applies even in a two-adviser model, where one firm is providing investment advice and a different firm is providing the specialist pension transfer advice. Where can I find out more? And whether or not a transfer goes ahead, our case studies show that financial advisers need to keep their customers up to date and manage expectations throughout the process.