Cpanel analog stats not updating

Cpanel analog stats not updating

This wouldn't be a big issue for me if at any point any of this was clearly communicated to me while I was setting it up in the first place. All I needed to do was plug in my modem.

Luckily the modem was waiting to be picked up at the post office anyway, so it's really not a big deal.

They told me that the job was marked done by the Shaw tech and that no one needed to be at my house for it. From there we can review what happened. If you can't ensure my install goes smoothly as a paying customer, I don't want to do business with you. They rely on Shaw technicians to fulfill work orders, which is a potential point of failure for communication, as I have found out. The experience with their customer support was nightmarish.

Maybe I shouldThis wouldn't be a bigAll I needed to doNot really worth cancelling over atThey told me that the jobThat's not my primary issue

That's not my primary issue, just an indicator of things to come. Maybe I should rethink this. Not really worth cancelling over at this point.