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Dating a doctor yahoo, what kind of women do doctors like to date?

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Show up at work and bring him lunch. That in and of itself is not a problem, other than being from different time periods and maybe not understanding each other very well at times. Believe me when I say he would love to spend time with you, and go out and have fun. When it comes down to it, the only important thing is that you two truly care for each other and if he treats you well, that is awesome.

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What kind of women do doctors like to date?

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Finally when they do branch out they put their jobs first, wouldn't you? Some of this has been personal experience. You just need to find common ground and except that in him. So I guess I'm not your regular twenty something year old. He really needs your support right now.

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These were things that I had to consider in deciding if it was the right thing. Not that that is a particular problem, depends on your perspective, just something to consider. Because it takes a none selfish person to handle the life of a medical personnel. It will also show him you care and support his job, no matter how much you hate not seeing him often.

Dating a doctor, how hard is it? Is it working out?

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Next Dating a Doctor, will obama be re elected yahoo dating am I the only woman? It is not hard to date a doctor at all.

Obviously you know he is more than twice your age. Either way, I hope you both find the happiness that you are looking for and if you feel it is the right thing, go for it. You are lucky to spend those few lovely moments with them, and when you do that is the best time you will ever have with them. He don't like my stuff around either, before I go he makes sure I don't leave anything behind. Now, I don't want you to take any of this the wrong way, I am just giving you some points to consider.

But reality is, is that people depend on him more than you will ever know. Now, back to what you want from this relationship.

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Feel lucky and proud that a doctor wishes to turn his eyes on you and split his time up. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

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