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The clothing tag issue gets further confusing when researching the Felicity doll and examining her original meet dress, the rose garden gown. Some of the characters have variations in hair color e. In some cases the letters are arched.

In some cases the copyright symbol is above the lettering and in other cases it falls before the lettering. The neck stringsthe strings that attach the head to the body, are sometimes flat or longer than more recent neck strings. Despite a lot of attention that is given to it, this mark does nothing to help in the aging of a doll or in the determination of the country in which it was produced. Meet outfits made before often have tags listing a year and country of production. It is believed that the first Felicity dolls released in wore the tagged rose garden dresses.

Many people rely on this information to determine when and where a doll was made. However, they do help indicate whether a doll is pre or post Mattel.

However they do

You may want to ask if the seller knows if the doll was sent to the hospital for a new head. When examining the neck stamps, many differences can be seen in the fonts and lettering used on the older dolls. This is not an accurate way of aging the doll for at least two reasons. In addition to looking great, American Girl Doll Dating Videos is great for kitchens and bathrooms where water resistance and easy cleanup are important.

Many people rely on this informationThe clothing tag

In many cases the doll face molds seem to have fuller cheeks. Wallcoverings are now a fashion essential for homes and are available in a huge range of trendy patterns and colors.

Neckstamps There is some belief that a better way to determine an approximate age of the doll is by examining the neck stamp. It is more likely that the same tags used for the meet dresses of the first three historical dolls, were used for these dolls as well. In some cases, certain accessories were discontinued altogether. No white body dolls have body tags. The first three American Girl dolls were released in Fall of by Pleasant Company, which was founded by its namesake, educator Pleasant T.


Eyelashes, Neckstrings and More In general there are certain characteristics of the older dolls that have changed over time. Aside from being well made and very appealing, the collectibility of these dolls is probably most related to the fact that in Pleasant Company was sold to Mattel, Inc. American Girl Doll Dating Videos. American Girl Doll Dating Videos is the quickest and easiest way to instantly add style to your home.