Dating coworker teacher gifts

Dating coworker teacher gifts

This idea allows the recipient to choose when to use the item. Pick one of these teacher appreciation quotes and pair it with a small gift. If you feel like they might have too many regular mugs, go for a travel mug. You may really want to give to them, but if funds are low then it may not always be possible. This gift can save them time from having to prepare something for any guests.

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Definitely check if your Secret Santa imbibes before giving this one. If possible, maybe your group of friends, co-workers, neighborhood friends could do a gift exchange, where you only give to one person within those circles.

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Here are some ideas if you are hoping to give, but still have to keep your budget in check. With this long list of clever ideas, cute sayings and cute puns, you will be able to give your teacher a fun gift.

While they may be labelled as teacher or neighbor gifts, I think most would work for co-workers and friends as well. By the way, I say all of this completely aware of how similar my stapler-related behavior is to that of Milton on Office Space. Mixes in a jar The next best thing to a homemade treat would be giving the ingredients. They could save the cookie or hot cocoa mix until later on when all the other treats have been eaten up.

This beautiful, beautiful stapler A reader sent me this years ago and it is still my favorite office supply item of all time. Gift cards They may seem boring to some people, but I never get tired of receiving gift cards. It can be a challenge at times to know how to handle gifts for your co-workers, teachers, neighbors, or friends. If you still need some more ideas, check out some of these posts below.