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You'll also find contradictory information

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For many years it was the only book available, and you still can track down a copy for quick, hard-copy reference. Naturally, we hope you'll shop here first. While it's nice to know the pattern's fair market value is much higher than the price we paid, it's even better to know that we could have paid five times what we did and still felt it was worth it. Here's a roundup of some of the sources we've found the most useful and reliable.

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This article needs an overhaul, and we'll get to it soon. That's what makes for happy collecting. So if you are trying to date something near the year of size change, the size can be a great clue.

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You'll also find contradictory information. For instance it is very difficult to tell a pattern from a pattern. Buy what you love, and buy the best example you can find and afford.

There are also dating charts by pattern company and number in both the Blueprints of Fashion books. The charts cover only the decade discussed in the book. You can figure out the approximate date of your undated pattern by comparing it to patterns whose date is known. Or print and take with you for reference on buying trips.

The easiest patterns to date are those from McCall's and Simplicity. It mentions the lesser-known companies, too.

Organized by pattern maker, Lisa's guide includes bullet points about the company, specific dating tips where available, and a row of photos illustrating their patterns over the decades. Style eras often crossed decade lines.