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Musungu looked down and saw four men striding towards the entrance to the mall, firing at the cars around them as they went. Am a homemaker with a small business. He found armed guards from a bank's private security firm, who had abandoned an armoured car used for money collections, cowering in a corner. Volunteers brought food and medical supplies, and people camped overnight in the basement car park. His friend from the diplomatic police was hit in the thigh and Musungu helped him outside.

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They jumped out of the vehicle and began firing and throwing grenades at passers-by. Helahel is the country are looking for friends.

Before he could stand up the first grenade detonated. Survivors who emerged from Westgate had been hiding from the attackers, not being held. An older man, of Indian origin, approached and was asked to name the mother of the prophet. Helicopters that had been hovering just over the roof the previous day began to circle higher overhead.

About metres away at the vehicle entrance a second group of attackers had driven their car through one of the barriers, scattering the unarmed security guards. The death of Ghanaian poet Kofi Awoonor, who was shot in his car as he was preparing to leave, confirms the presence of armed gunmen in the basement from the beginning of the assault. He had been hiding in the cold storage room of one of the restaurants on the second floor food court. We're not here to feed the attackers with pastries but to finish and punish them. We don't know what's behind closed doors.

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After the attack several Kenyan army soldiers corroborated this version of events. At this point there was no police cordon and no screening process for survivors coming out of the mall. Over the next two hours two loud explosions were heard from within the mall. Several people were injured and Reuters photographer Goran Tomasevic, who had entered the mall after the attacks began, helped to get them outside.

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We don't know what's under the debris. Two weeks later it remains unclear whether the militants ever held hostages in the conventional sense.

Behind the scenes a power struggle was emerging between the police chief David Kimaiyo and the army head, Julius Karangi, over whose forces would take the lead. Despite the number of people missing, only three bodies have officially been recovered from the rubble of the mall. He went anyway but took his handgun as a precaution. Terrified shoppers ran into the cavernous supermarket pursued by the attackers who exchanged fire with Musungu's irregular band.

She was six months pregnant. Eastland area or free international breaking news.

As Musungu and the policeman took cover, a bullet ripped through a woman dressed in black jeans and a T-shirt standing next to them. In some places the gunmen stopped to separate Muslims from non-Muslims.

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Karani Nyamu, a software engineer who was shopping with his two daughters, emerged into the gunmen's line of fire, but miraculously survived. The rooftop car park area where much of the worst of the carnage took place had collapsed into the floors below. She had tried to run away and been shot through the back. They were later identified as Israeli commandos.

As Ahmed ran for cover, her fellow judge and radio presenter Ruhila Adatia-Sood, left, was shot dead. Officials first claimed that the militants had set off explosives and set fire to mattresses inside Nakumatt supermarket.

He was on the interior balcony of the first floor when he heard shots from below. Then two armed men appeared on his level. They came under fire from a sniper on one of the upper floors and were forced to withdraw after at least two of their men were shot, one of them fatally. When he hesitated, he was shot.

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The Kenyan police is saying they don't need help and should be allowed to do their work. Meanwhile, armed volunteers from a neighbourhood watch scheme run by Kenyan-Indians in the nearby district of Parklands arrived. One team was detailed to take the ground floor, the other, led by Kenya Red Cross secretary-general Abbas Gullet, climbed the ramp to the roof-top parking.

Hakim showed the man his voter card, holding a thumb over his Christian name. When she heard the first blast she thought it was a gas cylinder.