Dating site video chat service providers

Dating site video chat service providers

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For users in the eCommerce or healthcare fields, having added security and compliance features is a definite plus. But if you just want a free live chat solution with third-party integrations and mobile functionality, this is it. One of its more unique offers is the ability to hire live chat agents who will engage prospects for you on a pay-for-performance scale. And while that means you can now provide a much better experience to your visitors, it also means that customers demand even faster responses and mobile-friendly options.

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Other features like routing, queuing, surveys and the ability to email transcripts. The answer, of course, depends on your needs. The Verdict For users looking for a basic live chat option, it might not be necessary to go with a robust platform like Intercom. This helps you make the most of your team and more effectively help your visitors. Otherwise, an automatic chat box will come up after a set amount of time passes.

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The Starter and Plus plans both focus on live chat, with the latter offering more in terms of omnichannel engagement and integration. The themes themselves are not mobile-responsive. It works seamlessly with desk. The Verdict They do one thing and do it phenomenally well. Tasks that should ordinarily be easy, such as creating an automated support email account, are also a bit complex.

The analytics options are great, the ability to have multiple operators is excellent for a free platform, and the mobile functionality is top-notch. If anything, you may be put off by the need for having to hire a developer to do more in-depth customization and detailed integration. More integrated third-party systems like Vonage and Twilio are available at the enterprise level.

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Pricing Chatra offers a free forever plan and a paid plan. Even the third party integrations far surpass what other companies are charging for. The Cons A free version of Zopim is available.