How to Become a Penpal to a Single Soldier in Iraq

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He had said his son is in hospital. Says his wife passed away from breast cancer years ago, has a daughter, is in Iraq, needs money to have a phone and his own internet, also for leave, Also in love within the first week or so. Will send love poems and tell you he loves you so much. Sargent special ops Lugan Cutcher.

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Keith carraway says he is a staff sargent in Egypt. If its someone famous in the military. However, civilian deaths rose again from onward as Iraq returned to heavy conflict with Islamic State. We made the payment on your behalf in other to maintain our customer-ship with you and to also show you our concern.

Told me he was born in Canada but lived with his Uncle in the U. Claims was stationed at ft Houston in texas. Then told me how his ex-wife ripped him off and how when he read my profile, he just had to know me better.

Saved me lots of time, energy and thought power. Talked every nite like clock work but never on the phone wierd told me he was to come home in aug, Sept and finally would really be home in first week of nov. Id have help friends here.

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He wants to retire and marry me. Then, all of a sudden he wants money wired to someone claiming to be a lawyer with Chevron to receive his package for him. He proceeded to ask me if I had any money at all that I could help with.

While the number of civilian deaths in the Iraq War was much higher, the trend of numbers decreasing from onward was in line with the trend for American solider loses. Do you have an email that I can email you I want to see if you know the person that this is.

He had already started in his inital letter to me on messenger. They have sent me an email explaining this and have called me cause he had to get all my info in order to send it.