Demineralized bone matrix fdating

Demineralized bone matrix fdating

This gentle process provides

Bone is a complex material that has a mineralized extracellular matrix built by the bone cells in the body. The TheraCell Fiber Boat product is available in two sizes that can be used for grafting in single and two level posterolateral fusions. The nanotopography is shown in the scanning electron micrographs below. This gives the product incredible handling capabilities and can be used for socket preservations, ridge augmentations, and sinus lift cases or anywhere a block graft can be used.

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Furthermore the fiber matrix form is osteoconductive, i. The lumbar spines were excised, and fusion success or failure was determined by manual palpation and radiography.

They produce both excellent osteoinductivity

Additionally bone marrow aspirate may be added to the boat. Demineralized cancellous bone, while osteoconductive has low osteoinductivity. The fiber-based products also showed improved handling characteristics compared with the powder form. This product is entirely derived from human bone tissue.

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By making fibers from highly osteoinductive material we can fabricate them into a scaffold to provide both osteoconductivity and osteoinductivity. They produce both excellent osteoinductivity and osteoconductivity with excellent porosity readily allowing for penetration and distribution of blood, bone marrow aspirate, cells, etc. This gentle process provides a nanotopography that is not seen in conventional demineralized bone matrix products.

Additionally bone marrow aspirate may

When mixed with fresh bone marrow aspirate or autograft from the patient, the putty becomes osteogenic. Followed by gentle cleaving of the bone along the axis of the collagen orientation, using TheraCell Inc.

Demineralized cancellous bone while osteoconductive has