Importing from eBay Blackthorne

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Importing from eBay Blackthorne

Thirdparty tools often host their own

All that is entered is the amount purchased and SixBit does the rest. Learn more about what you can and can't edit and when. Learn more by watching a brief video on editing listings in bulk. Next you must choose the connection method.

Choose your Blackthorne database name. All settings and preset info will be imported from the Blackthorne database. See what's available on our Apps Center. Many tools can handle thousands of listings at a time. Any data in the database before the import will still be in the original database which can be accessed from the File Menu under Manage Open Database.

It's here that you'll see if you've incurred any new fees following the changes. One thing that you can't change under almost any circumstance is the listing format. In Blackthorne, part numbers could be used to uniquely identify items.

Third-party tools often host their own boards as well. Try cutting down the number of fields or listings you are trying to edit at once, which will help you find what's causing the problem.

Third-party editing tools World-class developers have created a range of programs to help sellers manage and edit listings. By choosing to only import data since a certain date, the import can be sped up and not clutter the database with old records.

Find out more about how Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro can help you sell more with less effort. Alternatively, you can specify circumstances when the buyer pays return shipping.

Choose how pictures will be imported. Tweet eBay will end support for its Blackthorne software next year, EcommerceBytes has learned. All settings and presets will still be received.

SixBit will then create only one item for each unique part number. It all comes down to how accurately we can predict your actual inventory. The status window will report how many items have imported, failed to import or where skipped.

If however you sell the same items repeatedly and have frequently added inventory amounts to your inventory numbers in Blackthorne, then your numbers are not likely to be accurate in SixBit. In SixBit, we track inventory based on how many you have acquired in the past and how many you have sold. Choose whether to Include archived items in the import. The software program helps sellers manage and upload their listings in bulk to the eBay marketplace. Importing pictures from the web will take the longest.

Therefore, we do not have a good starting number. It's here that you'll see if you've incurred any new fees following your changes. There are boards for most eBay-owned tools, where you can search for answers to questions from people who've faced the same dilemmas as you or ask your own question. If you want to get all possible pictures, choose Import local pictures first, then web pictures. When performing a Blackthorne import, you are not actually importing data into the existing database, but rather an entirely new database created by SixBit.

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The list must be retrieved and loaded so it may take a few seconds. All other use is prohibited. Choose from money back, replacement, or exchange. Refer to our knowledgebase article on converting a Blackthorne Access database to help with this process. Read more about what you can and can't edit and when.