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The fifth carried a winnowing fan piled up with golden sprigs. In memory of his mythic ancestor, p.

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Erect and with uplifted paws and a basilisk asp upon his head, he symbolises the New Moon, whose first appearance he hails after this fashion. It is in this manner that the Brahmins symbolically explain the Second Birth taught by Jesus to Nicodemus. That Lady lives with the Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, etc.

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The legend goes that the tree Cordia myxa, or Sebestene plum was first planted at Memphis by the hero Perseus, whence its name. Therefore numerous have been those who have gone astray, from every period of the world even to this day. Osiris is a human figure distinguished by his lofty conical helmet, and holding a crook and a whip. The second musical octave causes the Sexual Hydrogen Si to crystallize in the extraordinary and marvelous form of the Solar Astral Body.

Reference is made in this word to Nous, who was, as we have already seen, also called Son, and who interested himself in the recovery of Sophia. The Virginal Sparks, the Monadic Waves caused to emerge in the mineral past, the Protoplasmic Bodies with which the Mineral Elementals, the gnomes or pygmies garbed themselves.

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All of humanity in its entirety is an organ of nature, an indispensable organ for the planetary organism of the earth. Many are the sincerely mistaken ones who believe that they can attain self- realization by excluding sex. In another sense he expresses a Prophet, from his habit of staring fixedly at the statues of the gods. The Sixth Church is Philadelphia and is located at the point between the eyebrows and confers upon us the power to see the Internal Worlds and the creatures that inhabit them.

This special shock is the sexual restraint of the Maithuna. Now this is the exact shape of a large brown lamp from Herculaneum Caylus, vii. It is urgent to work with the Seven Degrees of the power of fire.

The last of all bore a huge wine jar. This vessel must have belonged to the Isis-worship in that town, no doubt as popular there as it is known to have been at the neighbouring Pompeii. Sochos is depicted with the head of a crocodile, and is also symbolised by a crocodile with the tail bent.

Magnificent students of pseudo-occultism and pseudo-esotericism also live in the Infernal Worlds. The First Church is Ephesus and corresponds to the sexual organs. The tree that does not put forth fruit is cut and cast into the fire. Whoever achieves the Second Birth remains totally prohibited from having sexual contact again and that prohibition is for all eternity.