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One could rappel and Prusik back up this impressive wall. The deer don't use this route extensively enough to form a trail off the rim, so I didn't take this slight evidence as proof that I could get all the way through. In one of the meadows as we drove along, Nancy and Reider pointed out several fine bucks and we saw two or three groups of deer in the headlights along the road to Jacob Lake. Both of them are nervier on the cliffs and stronger on the uphill climb than I am, so there were no qualms about the strength of the party.

On the descent

To the west the sky was cloudless and we could see Mount Trumbull in the distance. During the return Sunday afternoon, we kept a sharper lookout for the trail and found it by pieces.

Below the Kaibab Limestone there was no difficulty. One can go off the Esplanade at the saddle separating this canyon from Olo and walk down the fault ravine. This gorge can be entered on the east side in a ravine just north of Redwall Canyon. The ground was dry by the cottonwoods uphill from the trail.

More seeps along the

There were none, so we consoled ourselves by eating lunch. The matches with Sweet Saraya forced me to go that next step. It would have taken us two or three extra hours to go back far enough to get down and then return to the place directly below our stance and we didn't have the time.

Powell Spring near Muav Saddle can't be trusted. We missed seeing this interesting place completely on the way back when we were making notes on the map. Unkar Creek During wet seasons I would count on finding four seeps, the farthest upstream being north of the word Unkar. The best place is only three or four minutes walk from the rim. Getting through the upper ledges of Kaibab requires a bit of study, but there is more than one way.

Fortunately, Reider had an extra envelope and I was eating soup a half hour later. There were a couple of chances to leave the slot we were in and go around the crags to the south, but we thought that progress would be more certain if we climbed still higher. We went down and to the north. There seemed to be two stallions each with two or three mares and I saw at least one colt. At the top of the Coconino I felt discouraged again.

He had observed the bit of trail construction about the middle of the Coconino and had seen the man made trail where it leaves the rim. When you get down close to the rim of Glen Canyon, it is vastly impressive. This can be reached by a spur trail from the east off the Tonto and also from the west side of the canyon.

The unusual event of my cooking career was that I stepped on the end of a piece of firewood just as my soup was done. He had been down well into the Supai and had found a spring near the upper end.

Kwagunt Canyon Permanent water from where

This surprisingly high drift terrace was under a broad overhang of the Redwall cliff. It is as grand as any side canyon and much more accessible.

Later I realized that the film hadn't turned with the lever, and I don't think I took a picture at all. Much of the route was shown by a deer trail. Soon we decided that we would not be able to reach Pasture Wash and began looking for a good turn around place. One could look for miles at the dark winding slot of Marble Canyon cut in the white expanse of the platform. It was not hard to back up and climb to this trail.

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They were not very determined to reach the river via the old trail. Stone Canyon Water from springs above the bed on the east below the Redwall. White's Creek flows from just below the Tapeats. The range was green and heavy with gramma, brush grass, and flowers.

Kwagunt Canyon Permanent water from where the word Creek occurs on the east half map. More seeps along the Esplanade to the east but one of these needs a search since it is below the trail. On the descent I bypassed further steep places in the bed by going through the fir forest to the south, but while returning I came up the arroyo. Just as I decided to turn back, the rain came. Rainpools in the upper part of the main arm not far above barrier falls.