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Dexter is then banished to the Big Deep, Flipper becomes Prince of Quetzo and Lopaka returns to Iloka to become the new wise man of the village. Dexter tries to erupt the volcano of the island of Illoka after having attracted nasty citizens sharks, barracudas, anglerfish, etc. One of his most despicable plans is when he tries to get rid of the citizens of Quetzo with many of his diabolical and cruel plans. Several examples of Dexter and his villainous plans have been notable examples. Chief Kapuna becomes convinced that the stone is bad luck and throws it into the sea.

Meanwhile lopaka gets trapped by Dexter. Dexter wants to show that he's a hero by rescuing Lopaka - but first he has to trap him! An oil spill has contaminated the water around the island of Iloka and is polluting the food supply.

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Dexter, who is watching off-shore, decides to put on a similar show underwater, as a money-making scheme. Flipper and Lopaka escape the sonar by swimming to Flipper's Grotto, where they discover a white whale and her baby hiding. Bolo accuses Lopaka of dumping the equipment, prompting Lopaka and Flipper to search for it.

Take your countdown whenever you go Synchronize EpisoDate with your calendar and enjoy new level of comfort. Dexter and his henchmen have a big feast, but make a mess of Quetzo with their litter. Dexter discovers the missing crown of Quetzo and is about to enthrone himself as king, when the real sovereigns of Quetzo appear - Flipper's parents, the real King and Queen of Quetzo!

However, he always fails when Flipper and Lopaka foil his plans and is eventually defeated. With the equipment stolen, Dexter puts up his own circus, forcing Lopaka to go replace the stolen equipment after the Illokans accuse him for stealing the equipment. It's Nola's birthday, so Lopaka sets off in search of a valuable gift. Flipper, in an attempt to solve Iloka's water shortage, tricks Dexter into finding an iceberg, then bringing it back to Iloka. Dexter finds an old human diving suit and fills it with water, so he can walk on land and invade Iloka.

When Flipper points out that a by-law insists the mayor must be married, Isolde, a jellyfish, disguises herself as a beautiful octopus, to trick him into marrying her. Shocked that his niece is friends with Flipper, Dexter decides to teach Inky a lesson by trapping her and her friends in an old ship. Chief Kapuna believes his long lost brother, Bunti, has returned to Iloka. The islanders try to fight off Dexter as he stomps around the island, but eventually flee in their canoes.

But Bolo is captured by Dexter's sharks and dragged out into the current. The iceberg melts and the water pours into Bomana's well, filling the legendary underground stream. The delinquents are so impressed that Flipper's team managed to win without cheating, they switch sides. However, his sister, Dolores, dislikes him when Dexter is being very legendary, opprobrious, and disreputable. So when the fake crown fails to glow, the villagers doubt Chief Kapuna's leadership.

Flipper makes them clean it up, but the sharks secretly dump it in the Big Deep. To prevent Flipper from interfering, Dexter traps him in an underwater cave. Its inscription states that when the stone is returned to its temple, the Milihune will return to Quetzo. Nola, who is out surfing secretly, sees a giant water spout approaching the village and surfs back to warn them.

So Jojo finally has confidence in himself, and a new-found respect from his brothers. He and his henchmen manage to gather all the components for the weapon, except the firing pin.

Fortunately, Bolo finds Flipper and puts him back in the sea. Flipper and Lopaka find out and stop the wedding at the last minute. Lopaka and Flipper discover that the serpent is from the Big Deep, ross jeffries online dating and has some of Dexter's rubbish caught in its throat.

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An old carved stone is unearthed on Iloka. However, Dexter and the sharks get caught instead, and Flipper and Inky save them. Dexter steals a book from Calabash and discovers it contains instructions for building a powerful cannon.

Lopaka, Nola and Bolo remain on the island and defeat Dexter. Underwater, Flipper is learning to use his innate sense of direction when he is disorientated by the sonar from Ahab's boat.

When Flipper finds out about the plan, he races to the island to warn Lopaka, but gets beached on the shore during a storm. Dexter, determined to provoke a big showdown between the two, gets Orkie really angry and then convinces the rest of the town not to help Flipper. Flipper and Lopaka, however, want to return it to the temple.

He hypnotizes Flipper to get rid of Lopaka, his allies, and Ultra the pink dolphin. Dexter carelessly pricks himself on one of the fish, and reveals he has the only known cure for their poison. When Lopaka catches Bolo sneaking off, Bolo makes him promise not to tell anyone where he's going. Dexter decides to improve his financial status by becoming mayor of Quetzo. Dexter finds it and, determined not to let the Milihune get into Quetzo, keeps the stone.

Kapuna was crowned in Bunti's place, and so he is uneasy about his return. But nobody on the island has actually seen Bunti - only heard him whistle.

They discover this is being used as the medal for Quetzo's Aqua-olympics tennis competition. This gives Dexter the idea to use the oil to drive the Milihune off the island. However, Flipper and Lopaka realize there has been a switch and swap the crowns back, just as Dexter is about to crown himself King of Quetzo. After foiling his circus show, the citizens of Quetzo form an angry mob and take away his money. So Flipper begins to investigate.

After the show, Dexter steals the circus equipment and takes it to Quetzo. Appearance Dexter is a gigantic purple octopus with light blue spots, lavender lips, and yellow eyes. So Dexter enters the contest and steals the pin. However, Dexter breaches the wall and, as the sea rushes in, the villagers are forced to flee up the mountain. Iloka is threatened by a king tide, so the islanders build a wall around their village to keep the water out.

Flipper introduces Lopaka to his underwater home - the legendary lost city of Quetzo. With the village underwater, Dexter and his henchmen move in and seal the wall behind them, proclaiming Dexter King of Iloka.