Gaara vs 4 kazekage yahoo dating

Gaara vs 4 kazekage yahoo dating

Whereas Gaara seeks strength only

With those who do not interest him, Gaara is typically withdrawn and silent. Upon this Yashamaru died and Gaara lost control, allowing Shukaku to go wild. He forgave his father for trying to assassinate him as he was only trying to protect the village. After this incident Rasa saw Gaara was indeed a failure and began issuing orders for Gaara's assassination, but all six attempts ended unsuccessfully. Standard melee range, several kilometers with his sand.

The swallowed enemy sinks up to two hundred meters underground, while completely unable to move a muscle. Fifth Wind Shadow so that he can protect the village and all those who live there, dispelling the fears he cast on the villagers.

Gaara's sand  a productHe can use it to see

Gaara was dismayed and went off to try and understand why he was treated as such a monster. Rasa witnesses Shukaku going wild.

Gaara using his ability to manipulate sand, loosens the ground below his enemy and catches them in a maelstrom of sand. To this end, he was willing to set an elaborate and potentially heartbreaking lie to see his son's determination. Rasa was able to form an eye out of his Gold Dust, which allowed him to remotely monitor any situation from a safe distance. She was sent to Kirigakure under the pretence of being an envoy, where she was killed. He carried a small canister strapped to his hip.

Whereas Gaara seeks strength only in protecting himself, Naruto seeks strength in protecting the friends he makes. Gaara's sand - a product of Shukaku rather than Karura if Yashamaru's words were to be believed - shielded Gaara from the blast. He can use it to see what's happening outside while surrounding himself in the Shield of Sand for protection during combat.

Key Chain - Naruto Shippuden - Chibi Kazekage Gaara

Gaara simply hates other people for existing, believing that so long as they are alive they are a threat to his own life. Confrontation Rasa summoned alongside the other reincarnated Kage.

Rasa uses his Gold Dust to suppress Gaara's sand. Rasa once mentored Shigezane in Water Release techniques, in order for him to gather gold dust for the Kazekage.