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He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in economics and politics from the University of Kent. You can type in as many of these codes as you'd like before starting the game. Mint likes the chicken Cosplay item, Ranpha really likes the rings, Forte prefers guns, Milfeulle likes to cook with frying pans, and Vanilla likes vodka. Cheat Codes At the beginning, when you create a character, you have the option to input cheat codes. Gifts Another way to increase a girl's points is with gifts.

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Secrets There are five secrets in the game. All cheat codes for this game can be entered multiple times by going back to the cheat option the code last entered would be present in order to make multiple entries quicker. This state is important for doing activities i. He also works part-time as a bookseller at the Northeastern University bookstore. If you give her something she really wants, you get a huge boost.

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You can check the schedule on the Ship's Bridge. Missions Five days of the week, the five girls of the ship have a mission to complete. Each girl has something that she really likes, but she will take anything you give her.

Sexy Girl Codes You can play with sexy versions of all the characters in the game by typing in codes for them as well.

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Intended to be more of a romantic sim dating game, it is suitable for a wide age range. The story revolves around the main characters in the game-by reading this story, gta iv dating lawchick individuals wishing to play the sim game can find the game cheats within the context of the story.

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