Good dating would you rather questions

Good dating would you rather questions

If he says that he wouldThis question could tell you how

Hopefully, he chooses a widow. While the hours-long sessions sound good, their infrequency makes them less than ideal. This could be a good question to learn for your future relationship. Thankfully, society has changed so that both options are now possible.

If you are not dating yet, this answer will show you if he can even commit to being with one person right now. If he would rather play the field, then the future does not look very good for your relationship. If you are playing this game with your crush, this is a good question to ask.

Dating would you rather questions

If you are playing this with your crush, then this question will help you see if it is even possible to have an actual relationship with him for now. Plus, it could reveal how he thinks about mood lighting or how comfortable he is about his body.

This could tell you a lot about his honesty as well as what he wants in a woman. Thankfully, the societal norm of having a shorter girl with a taller guy is gradually going away. It will also tell you what your chances are with him. Would you rather questions are a fun way to open up a conversation. If you are already dating, this question is just another way for you to get to know him better.

If he says that he would rather wait for the girl to make the first move, this could be your hint that he wants you to make a move because he is still not sure if you like him or not. This question could tell you how honest he is. Another follow up question would be to ask him if he would rather magically become a doctor or a professional athlete. If he says the second option, he might be a jerk. At the same time, it is probably the worst option because you could actually have feelings for your ex.

An ex is the easy answer because you have been with them before, so it is easier to make that transition again. This is a good thing to know before you guys get too intimate.

Basically, would he rather stop arguing and be thought of as wrong or would he rather continue to argue just to make his point. This is another one without a right answer.

Plus, it will help you figure out if your future dreams and goals are actually compatible or not. Whether you are just bored or want to learn more about your boyfriend, these flirty would you rather questions can help. This all comes down to his personal feelings. One option gives you a morale boost, but the other actually gives you a tangible benefit. You can modify this question to include other things like would he rather go down on you or have you go down on him.

Another follow up question

You may want to warm up with a few of the other questions first if you are playing this game with your crush. Some people are morning people, others are late night owls. Unless your crush moonlights as a diplomat, he is going to have a hard time extricating himself from this one. If he likes you, he will pick the answer that describes you the best. Hopefully, he chooses the former option and not the latter.