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Besides, there are guided tours in most of the historical monuments of Regensburg, as well as organized tourist tours through the city available in several languages. Besides, there are the diocese museums Bistumsmuseen of Regensburg and a branch of the Bavarian National Museum located in the St.

Wealthy patrician families competed against each other to see who would be able to build the highest tower of the city. Even today you can take a look at the ancient interior and historical vessels. The emperor and his wife Kunigunde gave large temporal possessions to the new diocese, and it received many privileges out of which grew the secular power of the bishop. My girlfriends always joke that if carried two beers around with me all the time I would be a guy's perfect package but I just haven't met anyone. The Regensburg Sausage Kitchen is a major tourist destination, but locals eat there as well.

Memorial for the victims of the Holocaust Memorial for the victims of euthanasy. All over the Old Town, over a hundred bands, combos, and soloists perform.

On their extinction it passed to the Saxon house. Herzogspark also contains several small botanical gardens. He also personally consecrated some of Bamberg's churches. For a short time Bamberg was the centre of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Domschatzmuseum where church treasures, monstrances and tapestries are displayed is in St. Since the coat of arms of the city of Bamberg is known in form of a seal. My body is athletic, and I live alone. Regensburg has two open air cinemas as well. The beautiful cloisters of the ancient abbey, one of the oldest in Germany, are still in a fair state of preservation.

While he was here he placed the diocese in direct dependence on the Holy See. Among the most prominent museums are for instance the Regensburg Museum of History which shows history, culture and arts of Regensburg and Eastern Bavaria from stone age to present. The old parish church of St. It is a non-profit event and takes place every March, being one of the most important of its type in Germany.

Besides there are guided

The first republican constitution of Bavaria was passed in Bamberg, becoming known as the Bamberger Verfassung Bamberg Constitution. During the post- Roman centuries of Germanic migration and settlement, the region afterwards included in the Diocese of Bamberg was inhabited for the most part by Slavs.

Henry and Kunigunde were both buried in the cathedral. Message me and we can talk. In summer, open-air performances are carried out as well.

While he was here he

In that time I have moved here to Hamburg to start a new job. Since there are the Regensburger Schlossfestspiele in the inner courtyard of the St. It was originally built as the construction headquarters of the stone bridge and now lies adjacent to it. The Velodrom Theater presents musicals and plays. Operas, operettas, musicals and ballets are shown.

Besides there are the diocese