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Also, his rude behavior and response really annoyed me. If this get continued, I might have to take some legal actions against Hathway as this is really annoying and totally against the ethics of any company or a respected society. After that period i will renew by account. Again despite of call after call no one attended the call and the person given the number of the mechanic. Very bad with new location Hathway connection.

When i spoke to that person, he reply really made me fall into the conclusion that Hathway is not something i have to ever use. The mechanic toil me that he is coming in ten minutes. Already sent mails to madhusudan. Hathway field executive had made a mistake and paid our money by some ones cheque, and unfortunately the cheque is bounced. He never turned up and later stopped attending the calls.

But not reachable since then. Now they have changed the package once again- In your base package there are very few channel I watch, expecting me pay basic Rs. Waiting for your immediate revert on this. Of course once the technician did visit and without checking he said it is fine and went off. They will not address issues on priority and make the customer wait for long time during calls and at the end the calls gets cut by itself.

No one will come to rescue if the technical glitches happen. Pure bull shit Even to escalate, they put the call on a long hold and then disconnect. It will result in very late. It is sad to see the state of response team. We never watch Malayalam, tamil, telgu channels.

Even initial time to get newBut surprisingly the ticketAnother number Of your

We were at south Bangalore, that time for simple issue they use to consider serious and serve. Who ever is reading my frustrated issue solve it as soon as possible. Though I have requested them not to call or message, it's not stopping at all.

Later when we tried to approach him, he never take our calls nor respond. If possible try to take immediate action on such irresponsible and disgusting cable operators. Customer care sucks to the core as they are not aware of the situations what customers are facing.

Here are the phone numbers of the people i have spoken to so far. Even after raising a request for new connection for ten working days nothing seems to worked upon. Nagesh, ThyagarajaNagar collection agent of Hathway collected Rs. Ramamurthy don't respond only, and the customer care sucks as they will hangup in between or will take a day to take the call.

If i call the representative about the connection, he is telling the server is not yet up in my area. No managers come to rescue during the crisis situation. Praveen - phone mentioned that he will confirm the power backup of at least two hrs anytime and then activate the account. The contact Nos not reachable and also, always switched off when ever there is relay problem.

No idea, what they mean by customer satisfaction. Now he is not responding properly and telling some excuses.

But surprisingly, the ticket was automatically closed in one hour time and the problem still persisted. Another number Of your area Manager is not at all attending the calls we are treated as beggers. Even initial time, to get new connection we suffered, after multiple calls - got connection. Which I haven seen happening. Has not updated the additional channel to be provided from yesterday morning.

Resolve the same immediately without any further reminder. And today even net is not working at all and it has become regular habit. But noone has ever called back or sent any technician. When we are in need of Internet it often doesn't work. The provider has been absconding for almost two months now.

Hathway Broadband Customer Care Number Bangalore

They are calling me and number of times in a day along with sending me unauthentic messages. This has been the routine job for your hathway team.