Haunted spots in bangalore dating

Haunted spots in bangalore dating

Kalpalli cemetery It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Bangalore, located near the Old Madras road and the final resting place for hundreds of people. This ghost is said to be involved in some fun activities like stealing food and tea from the canteen. Pilots have reported the supernatural presence of a lady walking around in white on the runaway.

The hospital staff claim that it has been stealing Biryani packets from near the tree and also tea from the canteen area. So if you are looking to visit the other side of the city, here are few haunted places you would want to explore. You may also want to try one of the following-.

Some recount the horrified experience of seeing a man clad in a white dress roam around the place. The driver fled the scene, leaving the woman for dead. The tree is no more, but its presence is still felt.

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Kempegowda International Airport Kempegowda Airport The most unlikely candidate on this list, but believe it or not there have been sightings of a ghost, all in white. He turned around to ask the girl where she wanted to go and to his surprise, she was missing.

So, if hunting ghosts and ghoulies are your idea of good time, we have the perfect locations to get your fill of the supernatural in the city. People claim that they have had serious bouts of misfortune around this very banyan.

Pilots have reported the supernaturalKalpalli cemetery It is

Once, even a pilot spotted such a lady, describing her as a person in white clothing and loose hair. It is one of the newest addition to the haunted places in Bangalore. Bangalore international airport Next time when you fly just watch out. Now, you know what not to do the next time you drive down this highway. The house has been demolished but the stories continue.

This ghost is said to