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If you take your cues from society, education, the mass media you will become dysfunctional or insane. Pay at the kiosk to beat it The obvious way to avoid this problem is therefore to pay at the kiosk. They worship the human body because of its sexual abilities. Our best hope is the Internet.

Thus female empowerment neuters both sexes. When men and women prove they are unyielding to all other forms of devilish temptation, they often fall as the result of becoming involved in illicit relationships and perversions. The espousal of collectivist over individualistic values. Heterosexuality is based on the exchange of female worldly power for male worldly power expressed as love.

The ruling class is complicit in the subversion of civilization. Modern society is a cult based on Cabalist Judaism. Sexual intercourse is a means to an end not an end in itself. Another one of my favorite authors, a prolific writer and diligent researcher, is Dr.

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The Devil recruits people in every generation to worship and serve him, in exchange for wealth, pleasures and the glory of this world. Essentially the Illuminati bankers through their Masonic proxies murdered over Americans in broad daylight and got away with it. Almost all music is devoted to extolling her imaginary qualities, adoration mostly motivated by sexual attraction. Therefore Christ Himself seems to have confirmed that Satan was lustful and is father of the Synagogue of Satan as those who are Satanists teach and believe. How could one image affect all the people of earth?

The dumbing down of the public through sports, entertainment and a defective education system. As a result, humanity has fallen into a coma, hardly able to recognize the sickness, let alone resist. Characterizing people strictly in terms of physical lusts and needs with a reductive focus on defining ourselves in terms of carnal desire and bodily functions. Anything else is perversion. Jade Louise got her money back eventually - but not at first.

The top capstone is the ruling Luciferian elite. Fully invested in their enslavement, people are too venal, craven or dumb to face reality. The instrument of this secret control is Freemasonry, a Cabalist secret Society. There is no more of a hateful, bigoted and hypocritical bunch in America than the homosexual movement and the liberals who support them. Thus, Satanism and sex are inseparable.

These days going to a doctor is risky business. Satanists Are Taking Over Everything! This has already happened.

Satanist's entire belief system is rooted in human debasing sex-perversion. Orgasm is a Holy Sacrament. These wicked people are called Luciferians! Two apparently opposing forces advancing the same goal, a thinly veiled world police state ruled by satanist billionaires. To do so is an agenda of satanism, male bachelor list for the dating game trying to dehumanize the masses!

We as Americans have adopted the illusion of freedom. There is a hierarchal satanic power structure. Anonymous sex degrades all relationships to the level of sex appeal.

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The vagina is the Holy Grail. Then our culling under some pretext or other will seem like Divine Retribution. Essentially you will rise in Freemasonry and society according to your willingness to serve Lucifer, and betray your community to the new Luciferian dispensation. We are already seeing this type of thuggery from businesses concerning the homosexual issue. No one sees the puppet master.

The attempt to marginalize scientists who affirm an universal intelligence at work in nature. Feminism and the war on marriage and family.

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It's all about money and turning the public into zombies! Essentially Cabalism is about turning the natural and moral order upside down i. She has already planned her final days so that her family don't have to worry about the details.

Nothing fundamental ever changes. Anyone who dares to go against their agenda is immediately fired, blackballed and their career is over! That's no doubt due to the lucrative divorce cult-ure in our nation, which is caused by the Luciferian agenda to destroy the God-ordained institutions of marriage and family. His behaviour repulsed me. For example, what is healthy and natural e.

The cocaine for sex addicts, pornography, is widely available. As I have said, the mainspring of this diabolical conspiracy is the Cabalist Illuminati dynastic families who own the world's central banks. The people are polarized, distracted and deceived.

Sure, we can decide when to replace the sewers but the big issues have been taken out of our hands. The loved one has replaced God as the object of our love. Here is a brief quote taken from the earlier quote by Dr.

Satanists Are Taking Over Everything!

Marriage is a big risk in America! The following year, Coleen revealed that she, the rest of her sisters and mother were regularly beaten by Tommy Nolan. All wars are contrived by the Illuminati to kill off natural leaders and demoralize, degrade and destroy humanity. As you can imagine, this is insane. Many big corporations have said they will not support anyone who is against transgendered bathrooms.

Incessant wars have no purpose other than to increase the wealth and power of the Illuminati and undermine nation states. It could not have succeeded without the collaboration of the mass media and virtually the whole political elite, who are an occupying power, a colonial administration. As long as the Internet is free, we will remain free. They are only being told the official story, which in many cases has been distorted, changed or fabricated.

Girls must behave like porn stars to be loved. Later her lungs collapsed - and the viral infection she'd fallen ill with had attacked her heart. Increasingly Western society is an open air mental asylum run by psychopaths.

But after being physically separated from Ray, Coleen found that she still had feelings for him - and vowed to make her marriage work. Fulfillment lies in embracing the Divine not flouting it. Knowing and obeying God is the essence of religion.