Hetalia dating simulation games

Hetalia dating simulation games

Alpha Gaiden secrets are made irrelevant due to its events being considered Alternate Continuity via a Bad Future. Averted with Star Fox Command. Nearly all unpromoted characters have two potential promotions they can choose.

Nearly all unpromoted characters

The cycle will keep rolling. And even then, an interview with the developers state that should a game that considers Command canon gets made, they'd rather use the middle as the starting point. Two of them are secret, only one ending is good to any real degree, and it still leaves things ambiguous as to whether you did the right thing. Although their respective first halves of the story are separate, the game treats both as canon since they're fighting the same war, but on different fronts. The Abridged Series lampshades it.

The game also goes on to say that Rose was the canonical choice for Mistress. Such a long time has passed since then that it has faded into obscurity, and the ages shift in a neverending cycle.

Inquisition has an odd case of branch-cutting during the game. It's actually a dark seinen manga.

Silver Diamond has gotten this reputation its a shoujo manga. Outside of certain modes or specific plot-relevant characters, any member of your army in any game will be Killed Off for Real if they fall in battle.

Though it's seinen, not shounen-ai. The fandom was so unanimous in their condemnation that the novels were declared non-canon. Speaking of whom, he's dead and Sten alive and returned home has taken his position. Vassalord features the relationship between Charles and Rayflo with various blood sucking scenes that remind one of boys love. It won't change the outcome, but seems to be aiming to at least provide a figleaf for the branch-cutting.

Averted with Star

Since the Musketeer Trio are still around in the sequels, catching them in the first game is also non-canon. However, those three characters imply that he is not the Robin they knew, which averts it for Awakening. On the other hand, there has been a recent trend to avert this.

Alpha Gaiden secrets are made irrelevant

In the original drafts of Kaworu's appearance, the Ho Yay was meant to be even more blatant. The best guess is that they got far enough on the evil route to recruit One of Many, then backed out, causing it to abandon them. Manhwa Demon Diary has several fans wondering if the male character are in a relationship or not. However, if you don't have a Xenoverse save file or you don't want to transfer your character over, they are replaced with Ace, the Saiyan character used in promotional material.