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Hook up cb radio your home, early Black Friday deals

This video also illustrates what to do if your antenna is too long or too short. You could mount it under the car seat, but then you not only wouldn't be able to reach it easily - you couldn't even see what channel you're on or any of the other functions.

These two wires are normally Red and Black with a fuse in-line on at least one of the wires. When installing two antennas, they should be about six feet apart. At this point the radio should be operational. Even getting an antenna close to a power line can kill you! Whip antennas are longer slightly more range and they're easier to work with.

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How To Hook Up A Cb Radio In Your Home

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Early Black Friday deals

They are inexpensive and readily available at flea markets and yard sales. Make a test broadcast and wait for a reply. However, most people don't want to drill holes in the center of their roof.

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Deals in electronics

This is important to know if your shelter is running off a bank of batteries. If you're planning to spend any money on your emergency comms set up, put the money into a decent antenna.

This is a battery enhanced microphone that amplifies your voice many times before the radio transmits it. During a disaster, you'll be glad you did. For instance, using a cigarette plug may allow the power to be always on, quickly draining the battery.

If you don't have a proper standing wave, not only will your range be affected, but you risk damaging your radio. Examine your vehicle to determine the best location for the antenna to be mounted where it will have the most metal surface to radiate from.

You may need to run cable from the trunk lid through the back seat, then under the doorframe and window pillar or the dash and firewall. May be reproduced for personal use only. All of these can be used with our expedient Comms setup.

If a cell phone tower is down, the cell phone doesn't work. Whip antennas are pre-cut to this length, but gutter mounted or magnetic mounted antennas have a set screw that allows you to adjust the length of the antenna. Some folks mount their radio above the rear view mirror, but then the mic cord might hang down, distracting the driver.

Also, the Midland comes with a mobile adapter that allows it to be used as an all-in-handset radio. Do not key your mic before the antenna is installed! Where should I mount my antenna? Move your vehicle to a spot with no obstructions.

Turn the bracket around so it is below the radio. You can get a few extra miles of range sometimes by using a power mic. Mobile antennas often have mounting brackets that clamp to the rain gutter of the car. Make sure that the radio would not damage an airbag that deploys.

Or, even worse, the mic could spring free, hitting the driver. During an emergency, the ability to communicate can be crucial. The radios have lost much of their popularity since the advent and more common use of cell phones for mobile communications. This serves as a prop to elevate the front of the radio making it easier to view and operate and improves air circulation around the radio for cooling.

If you have this cable already, yer ahead of the game! On a car, the best place is on the middle of the roof - unless you have a fiberglass car or a sunroof. There is no real standing wave associated with a whip antenna so there's no reason to fool with a Standing Wave meter. Most important, you'll have to be able to easily reach your radio's buttons safely while you're driving.

Then hook the positive wire Usually red to the positive terminal on the radio and on the power source. Simply hook the negative wire Usually black from the negative connection on your radio to the negative terminal of your power source. Squelch - Another way to control reception is squelch, which is included on almost all radios. Learn to use your radios, friends first christian dating agency and learn to set them up quickly if they are not permanently attached to your shelter.

Also, a lot of people seem to like the hump mounts. Radio Shack has preassembled cables in most lengths you'd need. That means mounting the radio in or on the dash might be the best place for accessibility.

Mounting a whip antenna is simple as long as all the parts are there and it's assembled and it'll most likely already be assembled if it was in storage, probably with the coax already attached. These should be incorporated into your survival plans.

For the all-in-handset radio, there are only two options. You can listen to others talk without damaging your radio, but if your antenna is messed up, you'll ruin your transmit ability.

Larger radios need to be installed with the bracket. If you do, you risk damaging or destroying your radio!

If yours doesn't come with a mounting kit, get stainless steel or weather-coated metal antenna mounts. The plug might fit, but the wiring inside is probably different than what your radio needs. Be sure to mount your radio in a spot where it won't be rained on, get grimy, kicked or bumped, or have sodas spilled on it. Check out our video below on tuning a number of different types of antennas.

Additionally, listening to your radio doesn't require much power at all, but transmitting takes much power from your Batteries. Keep in mind that when you mount your antenna on the edge or side of the vehicle a degree radiating pattern will not be achieved. At this point it's simply a matter of attaching the Antenna to your roof or a pole of some sort.

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