The South's Most Beautiful Chapels

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One of these figures might be a portrait of Palla Strozzi, the patron of the chapel and of the altarpiece. Angelico always followed reality closely, even when he used a miniaturist technique. Angelico, however, made it a unified altarpiece with a vast landscape dominated by a varicoloured hill town.

Angelico knew and followed closely the new artistic trends of his time, above all the representation of space by means of perspective. Thus, in the comprehensiveness of this work, Fra Angelico developed a concept that was barely suggested in his earlier altarpieces. In the background, Angelico depicted the city of Jerusalem. The Deposition is one of the first paintings in the Italian Renaissance to depict figures in a receding landscape rather than in a space set as a foreground stage.

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There he worked mostly on frescoes. His figures seem cleansed of any human passion and appear to have supreme serenity of spirit. In one corridor he executed an Annunciation that broadened the pattern of his earlier one in Cortona.

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As a painter, he was acclaimed as early as by the contemporary painter Domenico Veneziano. On the right, a group of men clothed in contemporary Florentine dress stand in mute contemplation. Mark, which are lucid and compact in their narrative and have a strictly defined perspective, a technique that is even more effective in the small painting depicting the naming of John the Baptist.

The construction was generously subsidized by the Medici family. In Rome the frescoes that Angelico executed in a chapel of St. The images in these paintings are the lyrical expressions of a painter who was also their prior.

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