Hotmail account not updating in outlook

Hotmail account not updating in outlook

There are two ways to get a new outlook. If you want a new outlook.

Upgrade from Hotmail to Outlook. If you use a Windows Phone, you will need to reset your Windows Phone to factory settings, and then set it back up with the new account name. We highly recommend that you upgrade to Outlook.

Be very sure of your decision. Outlook can even automatically file email sent to each alias in separate folders.

You may now need to go change your account name information on your phone or other devices. You will need to re-install all your applications on your phone, although you will not need to re-purchase them.

There is a limit of five aliases per account, per year. You will lose all personal data on the Windows Phone when you do this, so make sure you have that data backed up. Aliases are a great way to use different email addresses with the same inbox. All your data and settings just work When you upgrade to Outlook. Afterwards, make sure that your emails are not being forwarded to other accounts which might be the cause why you can't receive any emails.

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This is entirely optional, of course. We are experiencing high volume of inquiries. Windows Phone users should be aware that renaming their account will require them to restore their phone to factory settings and set it up again with the new name. The Preview does not support adding email addresses in country-specific domains, such as outlook.

You can send email from an alias in the Outlook. Instead, email you send from your phone or other client will still be sent from the primary address of your account. If your account has been blocked more than once because someone else was using your account, you will not be able to rename it. These instructions will work for any email address that currently uses Hotmail, including hotmail. We hope you like it, and we want to hear from you.

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By the way, let's find out what would be the reason why your email account is not updating its inbox. You should now be using the new Outlook. Your existing Hotmail address will be supported. Our product team uses your feedback to make the product even better. We bring your settings and data across to Outlook.