Disable automatic check for updates

How to stop adobe acrobat 9 from updating

Using thoses files I had toYou will have to disable

Close Registry Editor and Reboot your computer. Using thoses files, I had to use the.

Once the installation wizard is finished, you will receive a message in the system tray saying that your software has been updated. Last, but not least, you can check for updates manually, as with other products.

My biggest hurdle was getting the product key. The original machine was Vista and I used Microsoft mail as my mail client. Type regedit and press Enter. Easily convert static fields into fillable form fields.

Either automatically or manually. Turn off automatic updates. Set the Startup type to Disabled. This is a bit different than above.

Close Registry Editor

You will have to disable Acrobat X updater to do so. But interesting you found it difficult. Open Windows Registry Editor.

The second way is to manually check for updates. You will have to choose when you want to look for updates. If you prefer deploying updates to your system yourself, manual updates will work great.