The use of protective coatings on pump components

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These coatings eliminate the risk of components seizure onto the shaft during assembly and disassembly of the pump.

If there is insufficient cooling by process medium, very high sleeve surface temperatures and thermal gradients can be reached, which can damage a ceramic coating. Above mentioned coatings could either be sprayed on newly manufactured components or can also be applied on old and worn out components after the reconditioning procedure. Note these soft bearing materials act like a sponge for any particles in the process medium, and the wear damage is often disproportionate to the amount of solids contamination. The only reliable way of achieving this control is through the use of robotic gun manipulation.

Apart from the environmental hazard that Hard Chrome plating poses. The particles produce an extremely abrasive surface on the bearing material surface which is in contact with the rotating shaft, resulting in high wear rates on the shaft. Diamond wheel grinding of very hard carbide coating. One method of reducing the risk of galling is to coat the shaft with a galling and corrosion resistant coating, and hard chrome has been used for many years to fulfil this function. Because these are true thermal spray coatings they can be applied to essentially any substrate, including steels, stainless steels and bronzes.

Pump shaft bearing journals Pump shafts often incorporate oil or product lubricated bearing surfaces that are integral to the shaft or are in the form of a shaft sleeve. In this follow-up article we will discuss the use of these coatings on some specific pump components to illustrate where and how they can be used.

Impeller and casing wear rings Impeller and casing wear rings are subject to two different forms of wear. As a general rule corrosion resistant alloys have poor metal-to-metal wear resistance, and these alloys are very prone to galling during assembly and disassembly.

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The use of protective coatings on pump components

It is also prudent to include a non-destructive test during such a repair to ensure that the components do not have any hidden defects that could result in premature failure i. Note that the maintenance of efficiency critical dimensions and profiles on wear rings and vane tips can have a profound influence on the life cycle cost of a pump. The problem is that these bearing surfaces are typically either white metal or polymer e. Plasma spraying of a shaft sleeve. Generally the gland packing requires a controlled amount of process medium leakage to cool the gland sleeve from the frictional heating generated between stationary packing and rotating sleeve.

These coatings combine excellent abrasion and erosion resistance with good corrosion resistance. Even in the absence of any solid particles in the process fluid, the wear rings can be damaged by sliding wear also called metal-to-metal wear due to unintentional contact between the rotating e. In conclusion, thermal spray coatings can radically reduce the life cycle cost of running a pump, both in terms of extending the life of critical components but also by reducing energy usage.

The coated rotors surface are ground and polished to mirror surface finish and contour profiles and diameters are maintained as per customer specifications. Plasmatron has indigenously developed a complete set of procedures for converting Chrome coated rotors to Tungsten Carbide rotors which can extend operational life by times.

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