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The cardinal, in this case, is the official shade of red the university has adopted. First, the nickname devils is prominent in college sports Duke Blue Devils, Arizona State Sun Devils and always seems like a safe bet for teams. So, to boil it down for the masses, a Quaker poet had a town named after him, then a local university followed suit. With their colors already being purple, the Aces became a natural fit.

Thus, one of the most unique mascots in college was born. Fans were enthralled with the ferocious pigs running around and the rest is history. Despite not receiving an official status from the university, the tree is firmly a part of Stanford lore and tradition.

Despite it lacking an official status, the keg has made its presence felt Dartmouth sporting events. Each name unique and not found elsewhere in college sports.

The cardinal in this case

Most Ridiculous College Mascots and Nicknames of All Time

So to boil it

What makes this name doubly great is that they are not any ordinary poet, they are wittier poets. To be able to proudly wear Dirtbag across your chest and perform at a high level is great. The paper dubbed the team the Wonder Boys and the name has stuck ever since. Apparently, that stuck and the name was born.

Some creative minds got together and decided that this geographic prominence deserved more recognition and the team became the Hilltoppers. We saw it earlier with Delta State, whose name literally is taken from the geographic feature, and we see it here with Mississippi Valley State University, the Delta Devils. For the Fighting Artichokes of Scottsdale Ariz. That Peter the Anteater is the big man on campus. Maybe not the official battle cry of Western Kentucky University, but something plausible for sure.

Just imagine lying on your back in the prairie, gazing at the Milky Way. Hose are socks and that is exactly what Presbyterian College, located in Clinton, South Carolina, is trying to honor with their sports teams. They love it and feed off it. To honor these attributes, the university decided to call its sports teams the Dust Devils.

First the nickname devils is prominent

Kansas is a state notable for a few things, one of them being its massive wheat fields that span the notoriously flat state. Like many other institutions with similar names, the college dropped it in favor of something less offensive. Because of their origins wearing blue, they named themselves the Blue Hose, yet, needing a better mascot than a sock, adopted a Scottish Warrior.