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Durk has even shouted out to her by asking where is she? My post was really just about fake people but she took it the wrong way. Their messages caught the attention of a lot of fans who were eager to put the two rappers together as a couple. It was a very big surprise for many of the fans of the rapper. Recently, Dej has revealed that she is still in good terms and still hit each other up.

Hip Hop During their relationship, Durk was not able to give time to Dej and that was also one of the reasons for their breakup. Now they trying to play it like her and Durk are together. They say we a item, nxt big hip hop couple During an interview, two police officers dating when Durk revealed that the couple has abstained themselves from sex and that Dej is still a virgin. It was one of the most shocking moment at that time and many questions regarding Durk's sexual orientation. It looks like that Durk was not aware of her orientation.

Closet can go for everything. She was the first girlfriend I ever had. She went about her way and I went about my way.

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She paved the way for all of us to be successful! Carter spent Independence Day with Dhea and her family. We really hope that they can get together and work for a better life together. Current Relationship Status Well, as of now both of them are single and are in good terms with one another.

Respect and some degree of loyalty. Not your mother father sister brother husband baby father aunt uncle or whomever! She claimed he had cheated.

But they faced the heat of people after their surprise revelation. Eventually, Christina Milian claimed him as her man.

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Spill Tha When the question about their sex life was raised, like Dej was a lesbian before and that's why she is refraining herself from having sex, was also raised. That was my girlfriend, she cheated on me with her stylist and she wanted to reconnect and we did.

Let us find out about the controversy and know what both the rappers are up to these days. Green Bay Packers football game together. She simply questioned whether Kenya really had any coat tails for her to ride. Their relationship didn't last long as they broke-up soon after the incident. It seems that Kenya may be under the impression that she played a part in knocking Porsha from being peach-holding member of the cast to supporting role.

It was humiliating for me, I was really hurt. Although, they are no longer together anymore but their relationship brought many big revelations. And Dej posted a message afterward that seemed to correspond. Who is Still working for them and in their life!

Even though everyone has their own choice and they can do whatever they want in their relationship. Hit the flip for more on the relationship between Dej and Angeleah.

Durk took it to the twitter to tell all of his fans about their surprise relationship. Is that not what that means? Pop Glitz But the fact that they have abstained themselves from sex did not receive any heat but the fact that Dej was already in a relationship with someone else.

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She really said a mouthful. It was just like obviously you got mad at my post so you just want to counteract what I said. Speights also revealed that she was with the rapper all weekend and they continue to love one another. At the time we were living together.