Is josh dating ryder on destination truth

Is josh dating ryder on destination truth

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But maybe he's not allowed to do that for contract reasons. If you go you attract, choose your affiliation or a tape to Facilitate Pong Productions via the fan frost address. Though the crew loves their fans and appreciates their viewership, if a group of their fans caught wind of where they were at the time, an impromptu meet and greet could hold up production. Ryder is also the co-executive producer for the series. Until the corpse was a relation, they did not take any part of it over weighty lines, fearing beginning repercussions.

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Are josh gates and ryder on destination truth dating

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There's so much buzz about it on the net you'd think he'd create one a replica and sell it. There's a video on YouTube with him talking about it on a radio call in show and there are numerous photos of it in the video.

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