Is linkedin used for dating

Is linkedin used for dating

The LinkedIn dates were great. Despite the best pickup line for seducing a scientist ever, our conversation ended there. Shameless plug for the people who pay me. It's a really great way to let the world know you're a creep.

It's Awful Imagine receiving an ambiguous business networking inquiry only to find out later it was actually a dating inquiry. Take work history, for example. Ex-Googler was my best chance at a lucrative affair. If you must know, you can find out if someone is married using Google. Entrepreneur is in a long-, long-term relationship.

The app also encourages users who make a connection through the app to chat automatically. The information on their profile is put there with the intent to impress others, usually potential employers. LinkedIn has this feature as well, although it was originally intended to help see what potential employers are checking out your profile. There are more important things to care about, such as likelihood of home ownership. Go on LinkedIn and flatter a bunch of partnered guys.

Shameless plug forThe LinkedIn datesDespite the best pickup line

Here are four key reasons why this strategy should be avoided at all costs. BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing Sarah Miller works with tech entrepreneurs, lives in downtown Berkeley, and hates eggplant. Entrepreneur would disappoint me. Most of my lady pals have received unwanted solicitations on LinkedIn.

At press time Aziz Ansari has not responded to my InMail. Our encounter was not at all disappointing.

Many people use social media as a dating tool to meet new people and find that special someone. He knows everybody in the Valley.