Famous Commercial Stars In Real Life

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We bet when Ben starred in this drive-thru Burger King commercial, he never could have imagined where the road ahead would take him. Jodie Foster was only a toddler when she acted in the Coppertone commercial. How could he have guessed that he would become one of the biggest names in Hollywood, including acting, writing and directing credits too. Keep reading for more surprises.

Not only was Paul Rudd one of the coolest people around, but they decked him out in a trenchcoat, and got him playing games on a giant screen in the middle of nowhere, in the dark. One of her most impressive accolades came in when she appeared in a commercial for the hugely popular brand, Lisa Frank. George is currently taking a step back from acting until he finds a role he likes the look of. Him and Matt Damon were break-out stars when they wrote and starred in Good Will Hunting, launching them both to super-stardom.

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Needless to say, the commercial was so darn cute. The series focuses on a suburban mother whose dream trip to Paris falls short of her high expectations. By the time she appeared in her unforgettable role in E.

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One of the famous Baldwin brothers, this is celebrity capital used to great effect for the British company. However, while he was just starting out as a professional actor while he was in the eighth grade, Tobey was cast in a Doritos commercial, where he had to eat them for four days straight. Christopher Walken must have cost the big bucks to score on this advert, and he did a great job.

The silver fox is known for being the guy who gets the girl in Hollywood, and here he is, showing his expensive tastes on the classy Nespresso advert for their famous pod machines. But this actress is actually Vanessa Branch. These are the lucky few who managed to hit the big time. Usain Bolt is known for being almost super-humanly quick on his feet, so it makes sense that he was chosen to advertise super-fast internet speeds for Virgin mobile. But sometimes it works differently, and campaigns use celebrities with an already huge following.

Although she has since left the world of acting behind her, this is still iconic. His iconic comedy deadpan style is used, which anyone who watches rock will be familiar with by now. He did a great job endorsing this advert, and Virgin has gone from strength to strength, so we bet Branson thinks so, too. Thankfully, the actress managed to sort herself out and is currently starring in the Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet. Those cuts and bruises look pretty realistic too.

The couple got engaged for the first time in but then split up, reconciling the following year. Beyonce is literally the Queen of the music scene, so seeing her enjoying a can of the soft drink no doubt pushed sales through the roof in this Super Bowl commercial. Interesting to see how he worked his way up from small roles and advertisements though.

We think he looks better now, though. However, before he tried his hand at acting on the sitcom, Joseph was making his pocket money in by appearing in the commercials for Pop Tarts.

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Her starring role helped get people to buy the drink, as well as giving it a much needed touch of glam. This year, Wood is focusing more on producing than acting, and his horror thriller, Mandy, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January. She does get the odd break though, managing to find time to guest star in shows such as Mad Men, and Tom Goes to the Mayor. Pepsi is known for paying top dollar to help their products sell, and this is no different. In the advertisement, Bar shared a ten second kiss with on-screen geek Jesse Heiman.