Expired Firearm Licences Are Now Valid

Is my old gun licence still validating

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They had no record of it and as it was done in Gladestone they would have to do a manual microfish search. It goes on your drivers license. This outcome presents unique opportunities to us all to influence the future of gun ownership in South Africa.

Still got it, but its m arked n my license dont need to carry it. If he still has the original copy of the paper license, it shouldnt be a proble. Though as you said if you go interstate you need to produce it.

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As my drivers licence still had a few years left they said they wouldn't issue me a new one just for the marine addition, I'd just have to wait. At least the marine licence is still perpetual. Police just look you upon the system. We can, however, transfer information to members which we think might be to their benefit. Members are thus in their person responsible to make their own decisions in this regard based on the information we share in this Newsletter.

It is thus an intricate legal discussion. The judgement provided below makes for interesting reading in itself. The implications of the order are potentially far-reaching, and will only become obvious with time. It was faster and cheaper to start from scratch. Mine is looking shabby but i covered it in clear contact some years back.

Been pulled up for checks every now and then and they look at it and say no worries. It did not distinguish between those that had been transitioned to the New Act and those that had not been renewed. He was furious, but to no avail. Cheers Andrew Thats a worry. Mine is encased in one of those plastic laminating envelopes and lives on the boat at Evans Head.

You can go and get a letter stating you have a license to operate a boat. You hold a current licence issued under the Transport Operations Marine Safetey Act a marine licence and you which to have the class of licence indicated on your drivers licence.

Expired Firearm Licences Are Now Valid - Paratus

If they read their own legislation and understood it, they would realise that this is already an offence. Those who had sufficient verifiable info were reissued licence documents. If you have not already become involved in the fight for your rights, the time is now. The Court Order declared all green Act licences valid.

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