James Franco's new girlfriend revealed

James franco dating ahna

Recently there was a rumor in the industry about him getting married to one of the famous and most wanted singer Lana Del Rey. They both ran a Silicon Valley business.

This shows that he always learn from his mistakes. His parents belong to different cultural backgrounds. Currently, he lives in his house. He is also popular for his role as a villain in Homefront with Jason Statham in a lead role.

After she and Franco were over, there were reports of her seen with some men but the whereabouts of her current relationship status is unknown. While they were dating, the couple lived together. So his ideal situation of dating is when he can get comfortable around the woman he is interested in. So there is no way of him having a divorce.

But again this was a week bonding that was only last for just months. This was one of the long term relationships of James. In essence, what every celebrity wants. Another full biography of Franco could be found on the wiki.

James belongs to a liberal largelyHe is one of

Let me introduce his lover and his lovelife. He remains well-employed and much talked about.

He has dated many stars till now. Further things are clear this year as he builds relationships with a new partner. Before acting, he worked at a restaurant as a part-time job.

When Franco mentioned to me, via e-mail, that he was leaning toward going to Yale for his Ph. So it has been really difficult for him to approach women. However, on further investigation it was shown that they were all scams and were edited to bring her image down. He struggled a lot to find work as an actor in Hollywood. An intimate screening of the film was sponsored, last summer, by Butt magazine.

Their affair ended in when he confirmed about their separation to one of the favorite magazine Playboy. Ideal Date Situation Although he is a celebrity but he has always been shy around women. He seems more interested in fluidity, in every sense, than in a fixed identity. Still, they look perfect with each other.

Although Franco has been silent on this subject, he seems to enjoy stoking the controversy. After getting to know each other from the sets of Whatever It takes, he started dating his co-star Marla Sokoloff. But all was fake and a bad joke. That has helped her popularity grow wide and it can be observed in her official Twitter account, where her list of followers is pretty large.

She has also got wonderful body and hot pair of slim legs and feet, which she has revealed on multiple occasions. Her fans are from different countries around the world, and always show their love and support towards her even in hard times. To overcome that shyness he got into acting. But he owed up to the mistake, he said he was just trying to meet someone new on social media but was a bad call to do so. After getting a chance by the judge he struggled to become a good boy and at that time he took interest in acting.

James belongs to a liberal, largely secular and academic family. He is one of the husbands and desirable man in the Hollywood. Later James had given an interview to the Playboy magazine the reason for their breakup that was that James had gotten busy with his studies so it created distance between them.

Later James had given an interview

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