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We wish the team the very best. The journey from humble start-up, to world renowned stalwart conglomerate has been an obstacle course of leaning and adapting. When Sohni Devi was alive, she used to help other women and lend them money when they were in need, but after her death, no one from the village came forward to help her husband in funeral rites. The Jat community in the village decided not to help him and they just watched Balai struggling.

This is part of an initiative to uplift Sri Lankan Tennis to international standards. It was not a law and order situation. One woman, when asked about their reluctance to help the family, said that the decision was taken by the community of the village and no one can defy it. One Million towards the recent Aadaraneeya Prince concert held to raise funds for the hospital bills of singer, the late Prince Udaya Priyantha. According to the news reported in Hindustan Times, when Balai brought his wife to village for cremation, no one from the village helped him.

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There was only one person who came to help Balai.